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I’ve been queasy for weeks.  But hey, no actual throwing up, so overall I was pretty enthusiastic.  Also, like I said, I’ve been cautiously optimistic about this whole thing from the beginning.  I’ve had symptoms before that turned out to be my imagination.  (Hysterical pregnancy, much?)

But of course, 5 minutes before we’re supposed to walk out the door to drive to Florida for One More Disney Day…

…I throw up.

Man.  This is going to be a fun 8 hour drive.  I want to call my mom.  This pregnancy thing gets more real every day.  I’m not all that upset about being sick.  it tickles me to death that this might be the real thing!

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When we were in Florida on Honeymoon.5, Tom started chattin’ it up with a couple of strangers on the ferry back to the TTC from Magic Kingdom.  They had the bride and groom Mickey Mouse ears, and WE had the bride and groom Mickey Mouse ears.  They had matching Santa tshirts, we were wearing our matching “I love my husband/wife” shirts.  It was like Bizarro Tom and Wendy – except not the opposite.  I don’t know what you would call that.  I told the girl it was like we were talking to ourselves.  They were even staying at the same hotel.  (Okay, we had actually stayed on-property but added a night at the Marriott… and THEY were staying at the same Marriott.  Weeeird.)

So, they told us their room number at the hotel.  Ballsy.  We called and left them a voicemail.  Also ballsy.  We didn’t meet up with them again that trip, but Tom and the guy exchanged emails, then friended each other on facebook… then I friended the girl… so now we’re like besties, that have only had one face to face meeting that lasted about 20 minutes.

They are Alyssa and Michael from Texas.  There are many obvious similarities and a lot of quirky random stuff.  Alyssa and I BOTH have a habit of stockpiling baby items for no apparent reason.  Alright, well, NOW I have a reason, but she doesn’t know that.

Today I got this!

Soooooo awesome!!!

I posted this picture on facebook.  Immediately, I thought – shit I should take this down.  People are going to suspect.  But then again, Alyssa doesn’t know that I’m pregnant, she just thinks I’m crazy like her.

But the comments…

What are the odds?  I’m not giving it away!  Alyssa doesn’t know – and she sent me the stuff with the understanding that we’re just trying.

On a separate note:

So, Tom was talking about trying Ohana at the Polynesian Resort next week…  I was looking up reservations online and the only date that they have available is the day we arrive, and we’re planning on firing up the grill that day.  Tom said, “let’s talk about it,” but then we forgot to talk about it so I posted this on his facebook wall:

That’s TWO different instances on one day which were completely innocent but were perceived as “I’M PREGNANT!”

Weeeeeeeird.  And hilarious – because I am.

Do you think I am protesting too much?  Could they be on to me?  I thought Haley was on to me – but she says that she had no idea…

You know, if I WASN’T pregnant… this would be REALLY annoying.  I got really mad at Thanksgiving because everyone kept telling me to have a baby.  And it was like, WOULD IF I COULD.  We were trying SOOOOO hard and my heart broke every month when my period showed up.


oh, i aaam panicked!

I don’t know what a panic attack feels like, but I would imagine it was similar to something I experienced overnight.  Let me say, first, that it really has nothing to do with what I was feeling panicked about and more to with just straight up anxiety.  The whole time I’m just telling myself, “alright, this makes no sense – reel it in.”  It’s an interesting phenomenon.  It’s interesting that my body would react physiologically but not logically.

For the record, it was regarding camping at Disney.  I just don’t know if it’s for me.  But, like I said, I’m not so concerned with what I was worried about.  That really has nothing to do with it.  People worry all the time, but not to the extent where they feel shortness of breath and can’t stop crying.  My face and neck became hot and flushed.  I am a worrier.  That’s just how I roll.  But it’s never taken such a toll on me physically.  I wonder if everything is heightened because of being pregnant, or if this is some kind of new Wendy development that I will have to start living with.

No me gusta.

I went downstairs, because it’s cooler down there.  I laid on the couch and turned on “Behind the Scenes at Walt Disney World” and the whole episode subsided in about 20 minutes.  Later, in the wee hours of the morning, Tom came down and laid beside me and restarted the movie.  I was already asleep by then, but I sat up for a few minutes then nodded off to the movie again.  It was nice.  He’s nice.  I like him.

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Six weeks and five days into being pregnant, I’m already very aware that there is a demanding child inside me.  I can’t control the timing on anything my body does and I’m blaming 100% of it on the kiddo.  Eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom… it all seems to be occurring on someone else’s schedule.  And when we’re doing it – WE’RE DOING IT.  There’s no debate.  I don’t get a little rumble in my stomach – I’M STARVING.  Must.  Eat.  And when it comes to the potty – there’s no holding it.  (Of course when I actually get in the bathroom, there’s barely anything to show for all the anticipation.)  The sleeping thing is very similar to what I think narcolepsy must be like.  Watching Judge Judy folding some laundry in the living room one second, the next: ZZZZZZZZ.

It’s all very interesting.

And holy balls, if it’s this demanding now – while it’s only the size of a pea – how the heck am I going to deal when it’s 16?!

Also… funny story.  I followed Tom home from Charlottesville in our new 4Runner last night.  I was scanning the radio and happened to catch “Hold On Loosely” from the beginning.  So, I’m jamming out and thinking about how awesome .38 Special was that one time I saw them in concert with my D.o.D… and I remembered they perform at Epcot every year near Dad’s birthday.  We should go!  Dang!  I should just make the decision that even if it’s a weekday – I’m going.  Crap.  Dad’s bday is Oct. 21.  Kiddo is due mid-October.


Already this kid is wreaking havoc on my social life.

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ok here’s the thing about the diapers…

I feel like I can feel people whispering about me, being a brand new mama, not knowing what the heck I’m doing with this whole cloth diapering thing.  “What?!  Is she crazy?!  Look how far technology has come with diapering!  She HATES germs and poop!  This is going to be a disaster!”

No, it’s not.  Here’s my reasoning:

1.  NUMERO UNO… Despite the added cost of doing laundry (detergent, water, electricity) and the fact that I’m going for one of the more expensive kinds of cloth diapers (All-In-Ones), cloth diapering costs 30-50% less than disposables.   I’m all about the Benjamins.  It’s all about saving money for getting out of debt, retirement, and now a college fund.

2.  The poop is coming either way.  I’m going to have to deal with it.  Instead of tossing it in the landfill like the rest of you irresponsible dirt-bags, we’re flushing it.  There’ll still be smelling poop, and wiping poop, and occasionally getting poop on me.  I hate it, but it’s happening either way.

3.  I’ve done a lot of research on research.  I’ve read story after story about impartial, objective investigators that wanted to see what the fuss was all about, tried cloth out and never went back to disposables.  Even when I Googled “why I switched to disposable diapers” I couldn’t find anyone who tried cloth, hated it and reverted back to their old ways.  If it’s happening, those people aren’t writing about it.  People who like cloth diapers LOVE cloth diapers.

4.  I’m not entering absorbancy contests.  I’m not trying to see how much crap the diaper can hold.  I hear disposables hold a lot, that modern technology has made them downright miraculous.  That not my M.O.  When that bad boy is dirty, I’m changing it.  Pee… poop… whatever.

5.  These aren’t your grandma’s fold and pin diapers.  They are actually really absorbent and really cool.  They work like disposables, that shape and everything.  They are freakin’ adorable.  I can’t lie, it does come into play.  BUT IT’S FIFTH ON MY LIST!

You know what’s not on my list?  Environmentalism – because I really don’t care about that.  FYI, it is much more eco-friendly… and if that’s a reason for you to pick up something from my diaper registry, awesome.  We both know you’re doing a good thing.  Good for you.  You’re a better person than I am.  I’m all about the Benjamins.


mama’s got a brand new bop! …py


Looky what I got!  Retail: $39.99, the awesomeness of me: $15.

Similar deal with Bumbo.  Wow, we’re learning all kinds of new words today, huh?


telling the fab four

Several years ago, I bought a countdown block calendar at Hallmark.  The base says, “weeks ’til I’m a Grandma!” and it has two blocks with numbers on them that you change each week as you count down.  So, my plan was to get Mom and Dad together and give that to Mom for Valentine’s Day.

Things did not exactly go as planned.

On Friday night, the night Mom and Dad assumed we arrived, we were planning on having frosties with Brantley at Wendy’s on Ridge Street at 8.  Mom and I went shopping and we arranged to do dinner at Wendy’s with Tom and Dad at 7:30.

But then…

When Dad got to his house, he tripped, fell, and busted his butt.  He had laid a trash can full of brush on its side two weeks ago to drain the water out of it right in the middle of his walkway.  A combination of things caused him to not notice this thing he had walked around for two whole weeks.  For one thing, the porch light wasn’t on.  He also was looking behind him at whoever followed him into the circle.


Dad was in no mood to do anything or go anywhere.  We went to Wendy’s anyway, but Tom and I got the food for everyone and we got it wrong… by the time we ordered it again and got it right Brantley had arrived.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Saturday I was anxious all day.  I just wanted to go to lunch or dinner or something with my folks and tell them!  Tom and I needed haircuts.  The plan was to take Jasmine to the lake, go with Matt to a winery, pick up Dad from work at 3, and do something as a family.  What we actually ended up doing was much less exciting.  Matt pushed back the wine-tasting until it was too late to really enjoy it and THEN get Dad.  (If I knew then what I know now, we would have put Dad in bed and gone out with Matt.)  We went to the DMV and registered my car.  Then we dropped off Jasmine at the Herold’s.  Drove back into town and I got a haircut.  Tom didn’t get his because Dad said he wanted a haircut, too, and they could go together.  It’d be fun.  After my haircut, we picked up Dad and he was hurtin’ so we just went back to his house.  Tom fixed lunch.  Mom came and got me and the two of us went shopping.

We got back to Dad’s around 8, and I was excited because it was time for dinner and we were FINALLY going to tell Mom and Dad the happy news!

Tom and Dad were both asleep.  We were able to wake Tom up, but Dad said, “go on without me.”  So, we did.  We went to East Garden.  (He said later that if we had told him where we were going he would have come with us, but I don’t know if I believe him.)

Mom’s fortune cookie said, “Good news will come to you from far away.”


On Sunday, we had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Waynesboro for Debbie’s birthday.  Tom and I had a plan.  We took Mom’s truck over the mountain so Jasmine could stay in the back while we ate, but more importantly so the four of us could ride together.  Tom drove.  I gave Dad a funny Valentine.  Then I handed Mom a card and a present.

She opened the present and squealed and screamed and laughed and it was just amazing.  Dad turned around like, “what? What?!”  Mom turned the little calendar around, it said “34 Weeks ’til I’m a Grandma” and they both went nuts.  (I miscounted, it’s actually 33.)

One of the first things that came up were their names.  It’s funny because we talked about it for years, and it all sorted itself out right there in about 30 seconds.  Dad said he wants to be “Grandpa” for his Grandpa and my Grampa, and Mom picked “Gran” right away for her grandpa and my Dad’s grandma, Gran.

Dad noted where we were exactly on the road.  He was like, “you’re telling us here?!  In the car?”  Honestly, WE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE.

We talked about how to tell Lindsay and Haley.  My sisters and I are all going to be in Florida at some point in the next couple of weeks, just not necessarily together – but I was trying to work it out so that our paths crossed and I could tell them both in person.  Dad said he thought Lindsay would rather know sooner than face-to-face.  I don’t know if Dad knew I was holding out on Haley until I had them both together.  I also think Dad just wanted to be there when Lindsay and Haley found out.  So his idea was to call Lindsay and tell them both while we had her on the phone.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We were all sitting in the 4Runner in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel.  Dad called Lindsay and said we’re having a family meeting.  I just blurted it out.  I said, “Lindsay?  Lindsay, can you hear me?”  She said, “Yeah, yeah.”



“You’re going to be an aunt.”

And there was much rejoicing in the village.  🙂  No one could believe it.  Everyone was thrilled.  I’m excited.



it’s a secret mission in uncharted space!

No one knows that we think we’re knocked up, so we did a lot of sneaking around to visit the doctor and get a confirmation.

Tom tried to make appointments with a decent doctor here in Charlotte, but the one I picked (based on some online reviews) was not accepting new patients.  I was like, “I just want to know – and we can take it from there.”  So we made an appointment with Ananda at the Charlottesville Wellness Center and were able to get in within the week.  She’s not my favorite, but I know her.  The appointment was Friday afternoon, so we drove up Thursday night, slept at my Dad’s house, had lunch at Chipotle with Matt on Friday and hired Matt to dog-sit for a little while.  To our surprise, Dad never showed up at his house on Thursday night, he slept at MJH.  Our secret was safe.

It felt so good to walk into that ol’ building that is the Wellness Center.  No huge water fountain in a cold slate waiting room with a grand staircase… but everything I am familiar with.  I told Tom it felt good to be home.

So, I peed in the cup and we waited and waited and waited.  My appointment was at 2:45, and we were there early – so by 2:45 I had already submitted my sample and everything.  And then, we waited…  I told Tom I felt like it would be an episode of “The Maury Show.”  Tom, you ARE going to be a father!  There was so much hype, such a build-up.

About 20 or 25 minutes later, Ananda walked in grinning from ear to ear, “Congratulations!”

I told her I hope I remember the look on her face for the rest of my life.  She was so elated.  She said a lot of things.  She said 25% of pregnancies don’t make it through the first trimester, so we should hold off on telling people.  She said she couldn’t believe it.  She got the note from Dr. Stadler (the doc who was elbows deep inside my abdominal cavity to remove Mr. Nasty for those of you who don’t know her by name) and just couldn’t believe we were able to get pregnant already!  She said that she looked at the chart and just thought, “oh this poor girl,” but was so delighted to see that we ACTUALLY ARE PREGNANT.




I’m proud of myself.  BOOM.  First try.  TAKE THAT, MR. NASTY!  Stick that in my destroyed ovary and fallopian tube and smoke it!

Two positive home tests, and OFFICIAL confirmation from the doctor’s office.


And, as my Valentine from Haley said, there was much rejoicing in the village.

I spent most of the month of January Googling, “how soon after an oophorectomy (or laparotomy) can I get pregnant?”  There’s not a lot of information about when it’s possible.  Most of the results were whiny sissies who recounted how much they were suffering post-surgery and said that they waited many, many months to start trying.  The answer, to anyone Googling it and finding this post, is immediately.

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a funny thing happened on the way home…

I think Haley’s on to me.  And I’m worried I doth protest too much.  She asked me yesterday if I was going to do “BabyWithoutDebt.”  Hm.  She’s too smart.


Speaking of BabyWithoutDebt… funny story.  Tom, Jasmine and I rode out to Toys R Us last night because they have the best deal on the Lady and the Tramp 3 Disc Blu-ray set.  As it turns out, they were out of Lady and the Tramp, but we saw a changing table for $25.  It was already assembled, and looked like it would fit in the car.  Maybe.  I took a second glance – no way, it’s too big.


We went out to the car and looked at the trunk, the backseat.  It should fit!  Even if I have to ride home with the dog on my lap, we can make it work.  Tom said, “I don’t know, it’s also pretty beat up.”

“Yeah,” I said, “but it’s like we’re making $50.”  It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but for $25… I had a hard time leaving it at the store.  So, I sent Tom back to pick it up.  He walked out of the store beaming, but as he got closer and closer, the changing table got larger and larger.  Shit.  It’s not going to fit.


We popped the trunk, and tried every angle to make it fit.  Okay, alright, fine.  So it doesn’t fit in the trunk.  No problem!  Surely it will fit in the back seat!


Don’t call me Shirley.


I put Jasmine in the front seat and we tried to shove it in the backseat.  No dice.  By now, Toys R Us is closed, and we have an audience of people sitting in the parking lot watching our shenanigans.  Did you know that Dollar Tree is open until 10 pm?!  Neither did I.  We’re art majors.  We’re creative.  Maybe I can find something in there… maybe a rope.  We have the blanket for the dog in the back seat, maybe we can put the blanket on the roof of the car and strap the changing table onto it.


At first, all I could find was yarn.  Then I found a pretty sturdy clothesline.  I’d better grab scissors… what else… A SCREWDRIVER… just in case.  Although I really don’t want to take that whole thing apart.


This time I was the one walking out of a store beaming.  I sauntered across the parking lot, holding up my Dollar Tree bag above my head in triumph.  I felt like a hero.  I told Tom the plan, and he said, “Really?  Are you sure?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I think I’ve figured it out.”



“Will it compromise the structural integrity of the changing table?”

“No.  I don’t think so.”

I sighed, “…alright.”


And there we sat, Tom, Jasmine and I, in the middle of an almost vacant parking lot, taking this changing table apart one screw at a time under the watchful eye of laughing strangers.  About a half an hour later, we got the damn thing disassembled and in the trunk of my car.  It really wasn’t too tough, and breaks down to practically nothing.


For a while, I really thought we were completely sunk.  It was a lot of work, but hey – we made $50!


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This finding a doctor stuff is HARD.

Tom got a job offer from Palladin.  I know, right?  Amazing.  Making the same thing he’s making now, but in Cville where the cost of living is astronomical.  Also, no health care.  Not yet, anyway.  And it sounds like when we DO get healthcare, it’ll be part of the $*dollar amount they offered* “package.”  I’m not positive what that means, but it sounds to me like they’re taking it out of his paycheck.  How ironic that the offer came on the same day as the positive pregnancy test.  Interesting.  Had all this happened 3 months ago, it would be a no brainer.  I’d be closer to my family, deliver a baby in a hospital with which I am familiar… BUT someone is living in our house right now, and will be for the next 21 months.


I can’t wait to look back on all of this and see how it all turned out.

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