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sky full of lighters

I had this big huge epiphany last night.  I burst into the house after my walk all amped up.  So, let me see if I can put it in some format that you can read. 

I listen to a lot of music while I run jog walk wog, some secular, some worship.  

Last night, I was listening to “Made to Love,” by TobyMac.  

I’m running, and praising God for the strength to run and thanking him for helping Tom put the Ikea couch back together earlier in the afternoon, because that crap was cray… then another song comes on. 

It gets off to a slow start.  It’s not exactly worship music, not great for running, but I freakin’ LOVE it.  I love Eminem.  I love everything he does.  (Okay, that one album wasn’t fantastic.)  He’s so awesome.  Everything he does… oh my God… 

Then, it hit me like a freight train.  Seriously.  I felt it rush over my body furiously. 

God loves me like I love Eminem. 

I’m not famous.  I’m not cool.  I’m not influential.  I don’t do a whole heck of a lot.  But to God, I’m the shiz.  I’m one bad mofo.  I’m awesome!  Everything I do…  I’m his favorite.  (And so are you.)  

And then I felt a nice breeze, looked up, and saw the sky full of stars above me, my sky full of lighters. 


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you are what you eat

This is me and Tom today.

This is my new favorite thing:

We ordered take-out for an entire week.  “Take-out,” premade, heat n’ serve meals, that are vegan.  Vegan.  Yeah, I said it.  We cray.  We love to eat.  I love to eat out.  We don’t like doing dishes.  We don’t know how to make vegetarian stuff that’s not salad.  Tom only has a few precious hours to spend with me in the evening and we don’t want those to be spent in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove.  (We’d rather be in the bedroom slaving over a hot… each other.)  Enter  On Monday, we got a delivery of almost enough dinners for the week.  Last night I had Mexi-Risotto.  Risotto is one of my favorite foods.  Anyway, I’ve been eating what I get from Nourish and trusting them, without really calculating ingredients or calories.  I feel obligated to eat it even though I may want McDonald’s because we paid a lot for it.  It’s good, which helps.  Tom and I both think it tastes really good.  And, I forget the specifics, but I think it’s 80%+ organic or something.

I don’t want to lean to far into the hippie stuff, but this Vegan lifestyle is workin’ for me.  I’ve lost like 3 or 4 lbs.  Down to 229.8 today.  Yesterday, I woke up at 231.6.  After dinner, a 4 mile walk and drinking water, so full belly right before bed, 230.6.  It meant so much to be 230.  I’ve been so close for so long, bouncing between 231 and 234 for weeks.  This morning I woke up at 229.8.  So, hit the 230 milestone AGAIN and hopefully for the final time.  I know 229.8 is basically 230, but that’s a very important .2 lbs, because it’s .2 under 230.  I didn’t really log my weight at the beginning of the week, because I just kind of don’t want to believe that I’m over 230.  The same thing happened when I was up around 260.  I have no concrete date for that weight, because I’d just see it on the scale and step off. Dejected.

Anyway, the weight loss for me, today, is a side effect.  I feel good!  Small changes are taking place around the house.  Laundry is getting done.  I vacuumed downstairs.  I even painstakingly removed grease that Tom tracked in from the garage about two weeks ago and told me not to worry about, because he’d take care of it.  I’m ready to work today.  Ready to paint.  Ready to draw.  Ready.  This, I guess, is what it feels like to put the right fuel in the tank.  I feel like I feel when I’m taking Niacin, except I’m not taking it.  So, oh my God, maybe I should take it… I would be like a freight train!

Just wanted to share where we are and what’s happening.  Mom is sick.  So sick.  She’s in the middle of her fight with breast cancer.  Her stomach is a disaster.  I worry for her, and I’m scared, and it makes me want to do some preventative maintenance.

I love what Charlotte Gerson says in this interview about prevention:

It’s so stupidly easy.  It’s like your grandma told you, you are what you eat.

It’s funny.  It started so simple.  “Let’s just cut down on soda while I train for this 10K at Disney World…”  Now, it’s morphed into trying to eat mostly vegan. Vegan!  WHO AM I?!

I should mention some stuff that Brucey is doing, too.  We are forever playing Marco Polo, but using each others’ names. “MA!”








He also says a lot of, “deet,” which roughly translated to “that,” or “this.”  He’ll point to something and shake his head, “no,” when we try to give him the wrong thing and finally nod, “yes,” when we give him whatever it is that he wants.  He loves any “ball,” and will identify it as such.  Yesterday, I kept trying to get him to say, “Mickey,” pointing to The Mouse on a pillow that we have in the family room.  He pointed to Minnie and called her by name instead!   We buy a lot of bananas; he eats about 3 bananas a day.  Dude loves cashews.  I worry that he’s not getting enough to eat, but I always sit there with him until he just won’t eat anymore.  I worry that I need to give him a more standard Western diet so that he fattens up a little bit, but saying that makes me feel crazy.

He’s got 2 big flat molars on the bottom, I haven’t caught a glimpse of what’s on top yet, but I’m excited because this means we can eat more of the green stuff that you chew in the back of your mouth!

Today, Bruce hid a ball under his shirt, showed me his empty palms and said, “where is?”

He points to his nose and says, “bow.” He might be confused because nose in Chinese sounds like “bay.” Today he was really close to pointing at my eyes and saying eye.

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