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Tom and Jasmine in the doghouse

So… the Dr.’s office called – and I don’t take things like that too seriously, so I ignored it.  They called Tom’s phone, too, and I ignored that as well.  Then, yesterday I got a letter, “Please contact us regarding your abnormal test results!”  Probably just telling me that my thyroid is abnormal… I know that.  Or I have hepatitis.  LoL.  Oh God, what if I actually DO have hepatitis?  Maybe they were running a routine test and discovered that I have AIDS!  …That’s crazy.  I pictured myself in the doctor’s office explaining that I had a partner before Tom… and how could this happen… oh, they did that other test, too.  You know, stuck the cotton swab in my hoo-hah.  Maybe THAT’s the abnormal result.  Oh God, I have cervical cancer.

Tom called them for me this afternoon.  While I took my regularly scheduled George as a sign that normalcy was returning to my body and ovulation cycle, as it turns out, I didn’t ovulate.  (It’s kind of nice to answer the question I posed the other day, you know, “idk what this means for ovulation…” well, it means nothing bc ovulation didn’t happen.)  Sooo… back to the ol’ drawing board.  They are upping the dosage of estrogen, which I am supposed to start taking on day three of my cycle… which is today.  Well, it kiiiind of started 4 days ago, but it was just a tiny bit and it was late, late at night.  So, we’re not counting that until the next morning.  Anyway… some lucky break, huh?  If I had ignored it one more day, it would have been too late.  Crazy.

I know this has nothing to do with anything… well, okay, I’ll just say it… when I do the pendulum thing, I get girl, girl, boy.  So, I am thinking this dose of hormones also doesn’t work, and we have to switch to Clomid (?), the one with a 10% chance of multiples… and I’m’a go ahead and have those multiples.  I’m thinking we’ll get twin girls and on down the line a little fella’ will show up for Tom to hang out with.

The timing would have been perfect if it had worked out the last time.  Did I mention that?  I’m sure I have… 3 months old at Kelly’s wedding, old enough to make a debut, and young enough for me to use as an excuse to not stay in the house with Kelly and the wedding party.  Baby would be old enough at Christmas to not just sit there like a slug (like baby Haley, my lil’ sister who was only 3 months old).

Le sigh.

In other news, Tom and I are going to Renn Fest in Maryland tomorrow.  With the same amount of driving, I could be at Disney World.  So, I figured we could take Megabus and get some sleep along the way.  Well, it took Tom until TODAY to find someone to drop us off at the bus stop.  For whatever reason, he was under the impression that the same person who drops us off has to pick us up – and he wouldn’t ask the two guys he works with because, “they have kids.”  …Whatever that means.  He wouldn’t ask his boss because, “…it would just be awkward.”  So, FINALLY, TODAY he nailed down someone who can drop us off and TODAY the bus is full and tickets are SOLD OUT.

I’m pissed.  We may never have kids because I don’t want to talk to him, much less… you know.

So, we have to drop the dog off at the vet and then DRIVE EIGHT FREAKIN’ HOURS to the DC Metro area.

…but I’ll get to see my cousin, so I’m excited about that part of it.  A bunch of people from AiW are also going to be at Renn Fest that day.  I don’t, like, want to hang out with them, but it would be neat to run into them.

AND my dog got into the trash.  I’m just not having a good day.  I’m not in a bad mood… I’m pissed about the bus, and the ovulation, and the dog – but I’m not in a bad mood.  Weird.


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