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Since we moved into the house, I haven’t cared much about filling it with furniture. No one ever comes to visit. It’s just Tom, Bruce and me. As long as we all have beds, were good.

My dining room table, for example, is the table that we’ve had since we got married. I found it by a dumpster outside some UVA students’ apartments. It has a Simba sticker on it. ­čÖé We’ve never not had a tablecloth on it, so it looks fine.

Our couch was a wedding gift. It’s upstairs in the den in front of the only tv in the house. It’s set up pretty much the same way it was when we lived on Ainsworth Street. We have all of our DVDs on bookshelves with doors because I HATE looking at the spines of the DVDs. Those are IKEA shelves. Everything is very modest. People joke, but our entire house has been IKEA or hand-me-downs, and we’re cool with that. It still looks nice.

There are some things that we need to get around to eventually. We have a den, family room and living room. The den is done.

We have one chair in the living room.


We stopped by a furniture store that was going out of business. They had a phenomenal deal on a whole bed for Grandma and Grandpa’s room. So we went for it.


We saw a couch that would work. The lady said, “make me an offer.” So we did.


It’s all starting to come together. On one hand, I don’t really care. I’m not trying to impress you and we don’t need it. On the other hand, it feels really good to get the washing machine out of the family room and live like a couple of adults.


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Fat people will feel me on this one.  The rest of you, meh.

So, I’ve been thinking about things that I want. ┬áI am making a list.

  • No facial hair.┬á
  • To be able to wear heels more┬ácomfortably.
  • No “fanny pack.”
  • To be a good role model for Bruce.
  • To be able to shop in the regular clothing department, not Women’s.
  • A pregnancy that is not complicated with gestational diabetes.
  • To ride the roller coasters at Busch Gardens without the guy coming over and pushing on the harness to lock me in.
  • To buy cute sexy underwear, and bras that really fit.
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