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art of bruce

on April 3, 2017

Bruce did a really neat thing and we are super proud.


We bought a “stamp” for him to design himself, and he really did it. At the ripe ol’ age of 4, he designed his Mickey stamp. Daddy transferred the image onto the rubber block, and they cut it together. Mom rolled out some ink on one or two prints to show Bruce how it works, and then he took over and made 65 prints!

We only stopped because it was midnight! Bruce was giddy, it was a productive night!

And the art isn’t too shabby for 4!

If you’d like to own a piece of this magic, drop me an email at or, if you’re feeling generous, throw a little cheddar Bruce’s way.

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The prints are 3.5″ x 5.5″, but I am putting them in mats that fit a 5″x7″ frame. Bruce is calling the shots on putting the mats and prints together. If you don’t want a randomly selected color mat, and would rather just have the print, lemme know!

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