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Peanut butter sandwich with Doritos and a Sprite = totally fine.



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Here’s what’s going on for the baby’s room.

Everything is designed around this mobile… my mobile from when I was a baby.  It plays “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Although looking at it, mine is a little faded.

Alright, here… here’s what I’ve got so far.

The mobile:


The crib quilt:

Yeah.  Ya’ see what I did there?  Here’s another shot of the blanket and some other things around the room.  We’re going with primary colors and lots and lots of Disney characters.


This kite flew in my room for a really long time.


I found this at Ikea and bought two of them.  We’ve got lots of stuff, so we’ll hide some of it under the crib.  I like bright patterns with numbers and letters.  Look!  Not even born yet and we’re already prepped for a play date with Aunt Haley!

I sent Mom a picture of the crib quilts, and she said, “Wow!  Should have known it would be perfect!”  It doesn’t feel perfect.  It feels very scattered and unorganized and mismatched.  (So, please – if you think it’s perfect, stroke my ego.  If not… I am open to suggestion.)  There are so many things that I love at Babies R’ Us, but none of them match this mobile I’ve been holding onto for 28 years.  The mobile, by the way, which will not function until I get a new hook to put it on.  I could very easily ditch the mobile and go with the Noah’s Ark theme that I always imagined.  Classic.  Simple.  Most likely well-executed… but noooo…  I’m going with this obscure little thing from 1983.

Funny story about the crib quilt.  I think I first saw it on Etsy.  It’s actually made from a twin sheet and there are a bunch of them out there.  I mean, I’ve seen them pop up a few times over the years.  People just have one sheet, either flat or fitted, and that’s useless so they make cute vintagey looking blankets and quilts out of them.  I saw this particular design, with all the characters in the air and fell head over heels in love with it because of the mobile.  With no baby on board (this was YEARS and years and years ago… probably right after we got married) I watched the item and eventually someone bought it.  Then, of course, it and everything like it dropped off the radar for a couple of years.  When I saw it again (this time on ebay), I pounced on it.  “Is that stupid,” I asked Tom, “$30 for a crib quilt when we don’t have a baby?”  He said, “we’ll have one eventually.”  So that blanket has been in the closet of the guest room for yeeeears.  We moved to Charlotte and I put it in the closet of this guest room for a year.

Then, we went to Goodwill.  Guess what I found?  Same sheet-turned-crib-quilt.  This one had a red border instead of yellow and the back has some needlework firetrucks or some nonsense… but that’s the back, and it was $5 or $7.  SOLD – to the crazy lady with no baby… yet.  WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

***UPDATE*** Alright, I looked at the back and had to share it with y’all.

I know, right?  Random.  But I appreciate the craftsmanship anyway.  It looks like a lot of hard work went into the random back of this $5 or $7 quilt.


who? me?

Just about everyone I’ve told has said, “you guys are going to be great parents!”  I can’t figure it out… do these people KNOW us at all?

I think we’re going to be parents.  Period.  Well, Tom’s pretty awesome.  Tom’ll probably be a great dad, but so far, I’m one terrified, no-freakin-clue-what-the-heck-I’m-doing mom.  What do they see that I don’t see?  Sure, I’m funny… but I’m also inherently lazy.  The house is a wreck.  Our lease is up in just over a month and we’ve got no place to go.  This kid doesn’t have a bedroom or anything.  (Although it does have clothes, toys, and about 10 diapers.)

I guess we’ve got a little bit of time.  We’re trying to stockpile all of our cash until everyone is home safe and sound from the hospital.  We had been doing Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, but everything is on hold to stockpile cash for the next 6 months or so.  Trying.  We had a good amount piled up – not enough to cover a catastrophe, but a good start – but then Uncle Sam took just about all of it.  I’m not bitter, I’m proud that we made so much money that WE owed HIM.  And next year we’ll get to take advantage of another deduction.  🙂

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I had some weird dreams again last night, but thankfully I am starting to forget them.  I do remember at one point Tom helped me dress like a man – and I looked pretty convincing.  I stopped by that Real Housewife’s house – the one who flipped the table.  Steven Levine’s (who works with Tom) son Dashiell was her son.  When Dashiell grew up, he was Leonardo DiCaprio and it was my mom that was dressed like a dude.

And someone got thrown in a pool.

I wonder if there’s a guardian angel of this pregnancy floating around somewhere that thinks I’m cocky?

“You mean ’cause you thought I was cocky, I’m now on a permanent acid trip?!”

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to tom with love

to tom with love

we did it!



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date night

Tom took me to see “Titanic” in 3D yesterday.  I usually don’t go to 3D if I can help it, but it was pretty well-done.  Usually I find the 3D distracting, but this was good.  I watched an interview where James Cameron said that it would have to be stunning or he wouldn’t go for it… or something like that.  It was stunning.

Won’t be long now and we won’t be able to go on many dates.  Not that it matters all that much, we don’t do a whole lot of date nights anyway.  Or I should say, every night with Tom is date night.  He makes amazing dinners and we snuggle in front of the tv or laptop.

I was SO SICK.  I literally did not keep anything down yesterday.  Tom brought me breakfast, Hardee’s, in bed.  That La Kid is not a fan…  Nausea is nothing new, but the puking, omg… the puking.  I don’t know when I’ll eat a hash brown again.

We went to the mall and I got a bottle of water, then we went to the movie and Tom bought me a pretzel.  The pretzel was good, you know, dry and salty – just a piece of bread, really.  I was feeling good, so we moved on to popcorn.  I should have known better.  How many times have I gotten popcorn and overdone it… and felt sick afterwards when I wasn’t pregnant?!  Anyway, thought I could handle it, thought wrong.

Tom cried like a sissy little baby during the movie.  He was so cute.  It was so much better seeing it this time (beside this sensitive, caring, “I’ll be with you forever” man) than when I saw it the first time (with a huge group of friends, including my crush who didn’t want to sit by me, but instead chose to sit between two other girls who BOTH grew up to be LGBT).

After the movie, we drove around looking at real estate.  We really like where we are now, but aren’t sure about buying here.  The houses are shoulder to shoulder and the neighborhood is good, not great (although we do have a pool).  It was about 10:00 before Tom stopped at a gas station and grabbed some water and crackers.  It’s not his fault, I didn’t say anything about the nausea until it was unbearable, and had gotten to the point I put a bag in my lap in case I tossed my cookies.  We headed home.  He tried to stop and get chicken nuggets – anything to hold me over.  “NO.  Just take me home.”  “Okay.”

At home, Tom served up a single piece of dry toast on the Ratatouille plate that Haley made.  It was good.  I was feeling good.  I sprung for another.  Huge mistake.  BLUUUUEEECCCCHHHHH!

Felt better afterwards, though.

We both crawled into bed and passed out.  My stomach’s not usually this sensitive.  It’s quite annoying.

I dreamed that I was packing the guest/baby’s room up to move.  There were two dolls that went in clear bags with white zippers, you know, like the kind you get when you buy a new comforter.   Anyway… I suddenly hear Gramma Mildred SOBBING… crying hysterically.  Grampa is like, “what? What?”  And she starts going on about her dolls being ruined.  Grampa was like, “well, what happened?”  She pointed at me and said, “SHE RUINED IT!”  “I put them away,” I said.  I looked at the packages and there were 3 locks on one of the dolls’ bags, all 3 different sizes and there were no keys.  We could get it off with a bolt cutter, or just cut the plastic bag.  There was no consoling Gramma.  I felt horrible that she’s that upset and it’s all my fault.

(I only wish people felt that bad when they put a lock on my shit while I was moving.  True life.)

The dream was short, a lot shorter than the time it took to type out.  I woke up very suddenly and snuggled with Tom.  His butt made me forget.

This morning, it’s one slice of  toast with grape jelly and a glass of water.  I’m at about a 2 on the queasiness scale… we’ll see how that goes.

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nice people are nice!

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welcome! bienvenida! 歡迎! willkommen!

You’re here.  So, I reckon you’ve heard the good news.  We’re knocked up!  We’re going to be a bona-fide family come this October!  I’m going to be somebody’s mama.  How crazy is that?!   Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!  Take a look around!

Be sure to click the blue tabs over there  ———————————————————————>

“Our Story” is really the beginning.  It also has a ticker so you can track That La Kid’s progress.  I’ve been working on a registry.  (Too soon?  Yeah, well, it was already a work in progress for about 9 months BEFORE we got pregnant.)  And since everyone seems to have input on the name game, there’s a section for that, too.  Finally, just because every other baby website seems to have one, there’s also a guest book.  Sometimes it even writes back.

This here main page is the blog.  Please visit often and comment frequently (and at length whenever possible).  I’m selfish.  I like the attention.  It’s tough being 4 hours from the people who love you and who’ve got your back.  I know a lot of you have been praying with us for a number of years and I hope the mileage won’t stop us from sharing this experience.

Some things are password protected, but that’s for your safety – generally to protect people who’re afraid of TMI (*cough* HALEY *cough*).  If you’re interested in reading this blog with reckless abandon and you’re not afraid to hear about sex, drugs and rock and roll, the password is wushu.  Let this be your warning: sometimes it’s gross.

Wendy + Tom =

The few folks who’ve already seen that tiny blurb of a kid thought it was just another picture of Mr. Nasty.  It is not.  Mr. Nasty was HUGE.  The distance from yellow mark to yellow mark here is less than 5 cm (although this picture was taken 2 weeks ago).  This thing has a head, arms, hands, legs and feet!  Looky there!  We replaced the tumor with a little parasite.  AND we did it on the first try.  (I’m really proud of that, so you may hear it a lot.)

As of today, I am 14 weeks – and finally out of my first trimester!

Kiddo is due on October 7, 2012 – the Year of the Dragon!!


how to care for your new baby

For future reference.