That La Kid

wishin' an' hopin'!


I want a beer all of a sudden.  And wine.  And a margarita.

It’s actually not that sudden.  I wonder if it’s like when it snows, and all the roads are closed, so you and your cousins walk to the movie theater because you don’t want to be trapped in the house…

You know?

Do I just want it because it’s off limits?  I wonder if I could substitute something.  Of all the things to have cravings for!  I’ve got it for the ice cream truck and alcohol?

I had a sip of strawberry wine at the strawberry festival.  I actually had 3 sips.  It was such a relief.  I wonder if I could treat it like a tasting and spit it out – I wonder if that would satisfy me.  I held the strawberry wine in my mouth for a minute, and felt instant gratification.

We went wine tasting with Matt and I fell in love with Viognier, but I forget where we were.  I just remember making that mental note, “okay Wendy, VIOGNIER… vee own yay.  Remember that.  You love it.”  I think it was Barboursville, although it may have been Horton.  A cool, crisp Viognier.  That’s what I want.  Light, bubbly, sparkling wine.  Maybe I am thinking of the Barboursville Brut…

NO!  It was Horton… I just Googled it.  Horton had the Sparkling Viognier.  I remember the guy at Barboursville teaching us how to pronounce Viognier, though.  I mean, they both have ’em.  I hope Matt reads this and helps me out.