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Guess what I got for Valentine’s Day?!

So, Bruce and I were laying in bed watching e-cards from Gran when I noticed his jammies were wet.  Oh no, so is the blanket.  Dammit, so is the mattress.  So, I scoop him up and change his diaper and plop him in the car seat.  I put the comforter in the wash, take off the sheets… I guess I could have spot cleaned, but I told you guys a long time ago that I hate dirty, nasty, pee pee, poo poo stuff.  On that note…

I did what I could to blot out the pee from the mattress without rubbing it in a whole lot.  I sprayed it with Resolve and just tried to work it out without working it in.  I’m content with my efforts, but will probably have Tom give it a go later anyway.

I grab Bruce.  Because the poor baby is just in a diaper, I head towards his room for clothes– is that poop?!  Did you poop in the diaper that I JUST put on you 5 seconds ago?!  You suck.

I don’t really stand at the changing table and wipe incessantly when he poops.  They’re squishy and slimy, so I dunk him in the sink.  Usually Bruce sits under the running water of the faucet.  Tom thinks it’s weird.  But a little soap and water, BOOM, we’re done.

So, we’re in the sink, loving our mini-bath/bidet.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a whole heck of a lot of poop– AHHH!  What is that?!  Pooping.  In the sink.  Great.  Okay.  Swell.

I’ve got no problem with it until I realize that unlike it’s Bruce-butt-smashed counterpart, diaper poop, sink poop does not go down the sink.  No.  It clogs that sucker right up.

So, now the water is running, Bruce is sitting in a bath of his own yellow poop, and I’m up to my elbows in it, frantically trying to wipe the poop out of the drain with a wipe — because EW, poop! — and geez, I guess it would help if I turn the water off.

FINALLY, I get the drain cleared, and wipe the sink clean and resume soaping Bruce up under the faucet.  What a nightmare that was!  Wait until everyone hears!  Wait until I tell Tom!  Tom is going to think this is so funny!

Man… I don’t think I have ever had this much residue on me.  It’s still all over his butt despite all that rinsing– oh.  That would be because HE IS POOPING AGAIN. 

Filled the sink.  Twice.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!  Enjoy your chocolates!

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wordless wednesday: sun nin fai lok

Lucky Boy

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Tom and I tried out a new church on Saturday.  People are going to think we’re Seventh Day Adventists.  We’re not.  We’re just lazy, and it’s easier to go to church on a Saturday evening at about 5:30 than it is to get up at 8:30 to make it to church by 10:something on Sundays.

We liked it.  The Pastor is Derwin Gray, a former NFL player, which makes me think of my dad.  The sermon was good, the music was alright.  I like that it’s really close to us.  We used to drive a half hour to church in Cville, and 30-45 minutes from Olney to McLean Bible Church.  This one, Transformation Church is a couple of minutes down the road.  They’re multi-ethnic and multi-generational.  Honestly, I was worried that I’d be the only white person – but I wasn’t.  They’re no MBC, but they’re young, so we’ll see.

MBC is the standard by which I judge everyone else.

We put Bruce in the nursery while we were at church and spent the whole hour watching for our number, FBK, to show up on the screen but it never did.  He did fine.

During the service, the pastor referenced some program that they’d been doing in which they had put $30,000 worth of gift cards out into the world over the past few weeks.  It was helping others who may need it.  If you got a card and needed it, it was your gift from God, or maybe you know someone who can use it.  He said that last weekend was the last weekend, “and some of you may have received one of those tonight, hold ’em up if you got ’em!”  Aw, man.  We never win anything.  Womp wah.  I was so bummed.  Elevation did something like that, too.

We went to pick up Bruce in the nursery after the service.  He was in a swing.  When we dropped him off, he was all alone, but there were half a dozen kids there when we picked him up.  All these moms were behind us clammoring for their babies.  It was cute.

Out of no where, tap on the shoulder.  “Hi, uh, I was sitting next to you and I got one of these.  I was wondering if you could use it.”  He handed Tom a Chick-fil-A gift card.


$25.  Pretty sweet.  We have trouble justifying it, because we had just spent WAY too much on a beautiful chair.  So, I think we are going to pass it on.  But it was pretty neat.

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craft fail

I found something on Etsy that I liked, but the joker wanted $60 for it.  Screw that!  I can make it myself!  Well…



Had to explain to Tom what “Nailed it.” means in the world of craftfails because, this:

My attempt at one of those really cool hidden treasure b

My attempt at one of those really cool hidden treasure b

Did you know that you can buy something similar at Michaels for about $5?

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