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We’ve been trying for about three and a half years.  It started off innocently enough, let’s just not NOT try.  You know what I mean?  We’ll cut out the birth control and let God work His wonders.  For three years, we watched friend after friend get excited (and why shouldn’t they) and share their news on facebook… with comment after congratulatory comment.   Look, I’m happy for you – but I’ve got to be honest, it stings.  “Gosh, will we ever have that?”  Every day we get a little older, and it all seems a little less likely.

Then, on November 25, my dad found a big ol’ honkin’ ovarian cyst in a CT scan.  HUGE.  Imagine the biggest cyst you’ve ever seen (unless you’ve seen mine).  Double it.  This was still bigger than that.  On November 29, I had “Mr. Nasty” evicted from my abdominal cavity.  He took one of my ovaries and the corresponding fallopian tube with him.

I can’t lie to you.  Having the cyst removed was totally awesome.  It was a new beginning.  Two and a half weeks after surgery I was at Disney World.  Six weeks after surgery, we were able to resume romancin’… and now… here we are.

It’s finally happened.  We did it.  Victory never tasted so sweet.

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