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Unless you are over 40, please do not tell me how magically wonderful motherhood is.


one week!!

In about a week, I won’t be hiding it anymore.  Not that I couldn’t hide it… I hid a 15 lb. watermelon for a while there that no one noticed.  It’s not likely they would notice a 3 oz. peach.  But for my mom’s sake, we’re letting the cat out of the bag on Easter.  It’ll be nice to be able to talk about it without using a code.  Mom can finally put up her little counter thing that we got her.

My plan is when people have cameras out and are all taking pictures I’m going to bust out in my Easter egg t-shirt.  See who notices.

I wonder if they’ll be surprised that we were able to keep it in for 14 weeks?  14 weeks.  Wow.

I thought the last two weeks of the first trimester would crawl, but the last week actually went by really quickly.  (I guess Monday doesn’t count, because we were in VA, and it’s only Friday… so it has only been a few days.)  I spent the majority of that time looking around at my messy house waiting for the nesting phase to kick in and make me want to clean like a maniac.

I did clean the bathroom today.  Baby steps.

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I was just thinking about that little thing wiggling on the ultrasound and something occurred to me…

I’m having a baby.

Like, it might ACTUALLY pan out.  Not might… it probably WILL pan out.  More likely than not… unless something terrible happens… we’re really going to be parents by Halloween.

Generally, I am of the mindset that we could have this baby.  Very seldom do I really feel like we will have this baby.  But today, thinking about that ultrasound, I had a will moment.

I can’t decide whether to register at Target or Babies R Us.  Here’s the thing, we registered at Target when we got married.  Since then, I’ve been on a crusade to save my cousins (and eventually sisters) from making the same mistake.  If I had it to do over again, it would be Crate and Barrel all the way.  So naturally, when it came to registering for this baby, I went to Land of Nod.  But the funny thing is, if you aren’t interested in $700 cribs and you already have your crib bedding (vintage Mickey Mouse), they don’t offer much that I wasn’t able to find at, you guessed it, Target.  The same Puj tub, the same BabyBjorn travel crib, the same Skip Hop Hare Comb and Brush Kit…

The stroller we like is at Target.  I honestly don’t know of anything Babies R Us has that Target doesn’t, but it’d be fun to shop there.  BUT – my main argument when I tell brides not to register at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target is “don’t pick a place just because your guests like to shop there.  Get what you love – from a store YOU like.”

So, I don’t know… I’m open to suggestion.  I don’t really want to fool with a bunch of crap.  I mostly want to register for the crucial items, and not fill the registry with a bunch of cutesy crap that will distract people from investing in what we really need.

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it’s really happening.

I spent $42 on all things yellow with giraffes (so friendly!) at the Lollipop (consignment) Shop in Charlottesville over the weekend.  So, first thing this morning I threw it all in the washing machine, although I’m sure I’m doing that wrong and need to buy baby detergent.

I was kind of taken aback by the fact that I am actually washing baby clothes.  For… my baby.

Speaking of my baby!

We saw it.

My LMP started on 12/24/11, which would put my due date at 9/29/12.  I personally thought ovulation was around 1/19/12, which would put the due date at 10/11/12.  My cycle hasn’t been regular in a long time, and I feel like that is quite a discrepancy.  We talked the doctor into letting us get an ultrasound to nail it down for sure.  (But mostly because we just don’t believe that any of this is real.)  According to the tech, we were at 11 weeks and 5 days on Friday, March 23rd.  (Which puts conception on or around 1/15/12… We were at Dad’s house that weekend.  But it is possible that’s when it happened.  Awkward turtle.)

I still think based on my temperature charts that conception was here at home in Charlotte on 1/19, but since I’m sure the doctor is going to base it all on that ultrasound, I guess I should shift my due date to 10/7/12.

Can’t lie, it’d be pretty neat to have it on 10/11/12.

But anyway – WE SAW IT!  It was a squirmy little maniac in there, kung fu fighting like a mofo.  Pretty freaking cool.

Dad got the images on disk for us (for PC, so I have to work out getting them on the Mac) and the Imaging Exam Report which says:

“CRL = 4.96 cm corresponding to a gestational age of 11 weeks and 5 days.”

“Fetal cardiac rate = 171 bpm”

“Ovaries and Adnexa: NO ABNORMALITY SEEN”  (Woot!)

“Impression: Single living intrauterine pregnancy.  No complications noted.”

As Haley would say, “it’s happening.”

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so badass.




Ha. He’s a funny guy.


i hate those dreams

Have you ever had that dream where you just can’t find a bathroom?  Or once you find it, you can’t get any privacy?

Last night, I was at Olive Garden with Mom, Dad, Dee Dee and Trudy.  Mom, Dee Dee, Trudy and I all got up to go to the bathroom after we ordered.  My stall didn’t have a door on it.  People kept coming in and I was afraid to get up.  (I forgot a little bit about bathroom attempt number 1 after I woke up.)

I went to the Capitol in a wheelchair to try and find a better bathroom.  I found really nice bathrooms, and settled on a toilet that was one of four in a big open area.  At one point, a shower across from me turned on and started spraying water in my face.  I yelled for somebody, anybody, to come turn off the water.   A little boy came and turned it off.  Men kept coming in the Ladies’ Room.  Every time I thought I was safe, a new group of men would walk in and I’d yell, “This is the girls’ bathroom!!  WTF!!”  There was a little girl playing with a race car at the entrance, so they thought naturally that it was a little boy and that this was the Mens’ Room.

I went back to Olive Garden to try my luck again there.  Mom, Dee Dee and Trudy all came back in to check on me.  I thought that I was in a stall, but my stall had no door or walls.  I looked at Trudy and Dee Dee and said, “so you can see me?  Everything?”  Trudy said, “Uhhhh, yeah!”  Some cleaning lady asked if I was through so she could clean, but Mom sent her away.  Before I know it, Mom’s rolling out tp for me, while some guy watches again.  I ran to another stall, not only was I in this awkward “I’ve been trying to poop for 4 hours” mode, but I was also running around the bathroom naked, dodging cleaning ladies left and right.

Eventually I was rescued from my torture by waking up.  SO RELIEVED – psychologically and physically.  I didn’t even have to go – which is usually the case with those dreams, especially for a pregnant lady.  I HATE those dreams.


little happy

I’m kind of sad as the big reveal approaches.  I like my little secret.  Lil’ Happy, oh yeah – that’s what we’re calling it these days, will double in size before I tell everyone on Easter.  He/she’ll go from the size of a prune, to about the size of a peach.  (Or so I’ve been told.)

Tom named it Mr. Happy.  We said we needed a name for the precious critter that replaced Mr. Nasty.  We’re not sure if it’s Mr. or Miss yet, so we’re going with Little for now.  Little Happy.

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hatching this fall

I made a shirt!