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14 responses to “guest book

  1. Haley Nickel says:

    Imma follow this a lot now. I am uber pumped. Love your favorite sister.

  2. Mommy says:

    People are going to start wondering why I can’t wipe this smile off my face! I love you so!

  3. Wendy J. La says:

    I love you too, Gran!

  4. I think this is totally awesome. I already started researching your request from A.C. Moore! -Your favorite cousin

  5. Ashley Michelle says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!! i love you!

  6. Dee Wallain says:

    Hi, Wendy. I am so happy and excited for you and Tom! How wonderful a time for you both.

  7. Just thought I’d say hi…Been coming here since I found out about it….Love you lots….Can’t wait to be a Great Aunt!

  8. Anne Shade says:

    I love your It’s a Small World invitation!! Any way I could get the files?

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