That La Kid

wishin' an' hopin'!


When we were in Florida on Honeymoon.5, Tom started chattin’ it up with a couple of strangers on the ferry back to the TTC from Magic Kingdom.  They had the bride and groom Mickey Mouse ears, and WE had the bride and groom Mickey Mouse ears.  They had matching Santa tshirts, we were wearing our matching “I love my husband/wife” shirts.  It was like Bizarro Tom and Wendy – except not the opposite.  I don’t know what you would call that.  I told the girl it was like we were talking to ourselves.  They were even staying at the same hotel.  (Okay, we had actually stayed on-property but added a night at the Marriott… and THEY were staying at the same Marriott.  Weeeird.)

So, they told us their room number at the hotel.  Ballsy.  We called and left them a voicemail.  Also ballsy.  We didn’t meet up with them again that trip, but Tom and the guy exchanged emails, then friended each other on facebook… then I friended the girl… so now we’re like besties, that have only had one face to face meeting that lasted about 20 minutes.

They are Alyssa and Michael from Texas.  There are many obvious similarities and a lot of quirky random stuff.  Alyssa and I BOTH have a habit of stockpiling baby items for no apparent reason.  Alright, well, NOW I have a reason, but she doesn’t know that.

Today I got this!

Soooooo awesome!!!

I posted this picture on facebook.  Immediately, I thought – shit I should take this down.  People are going to suspect.  But then again, Alyssa doesn’t know that I’m pregnant, she just thinks I’m crazy like her.

But the comments…

What are the odds?  I’m not giving it away!  Alyssa doesn’t know – and she sent me the stuff with the understanding that we’re just trying.

On a separate note:

So, Tom was talking about trying Ohana at the Polynesian Resort next week…  I was looking up reservations online and the only date that they have available is the day we arrive, and we’re planning on firing up the grill that day.  Tom said, “let’s talk about it,” but then we forgot to talk about it so I posted this on his facebook wall:

That’s TWO different instances on one day which were completely innocent but were perceived as “I’M PREGNANT!”

Weeeeeeeird.  And hilarious – because I am.

Do you think I am protesting too much?  Could they be on to me?  I thought Haley was on to me – but she says that she had no idea…

You know, if I WASN’T pregnant… this would be REALLY annoying.  I got really mad at Thanksgiving because everyone kept telling me to have a baby.  And it was like, WOULD IF I COULD.  We were trying SOOOOO hard and my heart broke every month when my period showed up.