That La Kid

wishin' an' hopin'!

you suck.

Judge Judy is on, but it’s a commercial.  Surely you’ve pooped by now.  I take you into the bathroom to change you, dunk you in the sink for good measure, put some Vaseline on your adhesion and put Desitin on your little butt AND THEN you poop.  Right there on the bathroom sink.  You suck.

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levine children’s hospital

I wrote Tom a note recounting our brief stay at Levine Children’s Hospital earlier this month.  I wrote it almost as soon as we got home because I didn’t want to risk forgetting things like I did when Bruce was born.  I’ve recounted his birth story with all the details more or less in tact, it just would have been nice to have the sheer emotion that we experienced in writing.

So, here are tidbits from a letter that I wrote Tom dated Friday, November 16.

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you suuuck

Mom and Haley think I should create a blog called, “YOU SUUUCK” in which I define all the things that suuuck.

If you play the Panthers game during prime time and then play the prime time programming during Judge Judy and Jeopardy, the ONLY two shows I actually watch on tv, YOU SUUUCK.



wendy la, you just celebrated thanksgiving…

Nothing gets my motor running like Disney Theme Park music.  My two favorite websites are, which has links to open up the stations in itunes, and, which plays right in the browser.

In two weeks, we are going to Disney World.  Me, Tom, Bruce, Gran, Grandpa, Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Haley and our Disney pals Michael and Alyssa.  Have I told you about Michael and Alyssa. I love them.  I do.  I spent a total of 15 minutes in their presence on the Magic Kingdom ferry one night.  I feel like I did tell you about them.


I’ve got a week until Kayce’s baby shower, so I’ve got to finish her gift.  Not to belittle the gifts she and Erika made, but I’ve found it’s much easier to be crafty when you’re not all like, craft-craft-craft-WAAAAH, MOM, I’M POOPY-craft-craft-craft-WAAAAH, MOM, I’M HUNGRY-craft-craft-craft-WAAAH, MOM, I’M TIRED OF MY SWING!

It’s literally something every freaking minute with this kid… he wants something all the freakin’ time.  I still love him, though. 🙂

So, anyway… there’s that, and I’d like to paint a wooden advent calendar that I bought on clearance last year.  I’d like to paint it before December starts and we are counting down.

I wouldn’t mind a clean house, either.  Haley’s boyfriend, Matt, came down and stayed at our house while we weren’t home.  All our electronics were stolen but the dishes were done.  Ha.  I was kidding about the first part, but dead serious about the second.  You’d expect the opposite from a young guy, right?  His parents did a good job.  He left us chocolates, too.  I’m trying to pace myself.

So there is a lot going on every day here at home.  The upstairs guest bedroom has become Christmas Closet Central.  Bruce has what I think is a penile adhesion.  So, we’re going to look into taking care of that, too.  This poor guy – always something with his most sensitive areas.  Breast feeding is, I think, on it’s way out for me.  I think.  When I do pump, I don’t get much and I’m spotting.  It’s sad, but it’s kind of like a really old person.  I don’t know what heroic measures I want to take to salvage it.  It’s relatively late in the game.  Bruce likes to fall asleep nursing, the whole process takes a really long time.  I really wish they hadn’t terrified me at the hospital about his weight loss and supplemented him with formula.  At this point, he’s 90% formula.  We’ve done some traveling and it’s inconvenient to nurse on the road.  We have to pull over, whereas with a bottle I can sit in the back seat and hold it for him while we are still making progress movin’ down the road.  It’s very awkward for me to nurse in public, and honestly, it’s easiest to completely disrobe.

It’s awful, but I keep wondering how I am going to stop every 2 and a half hours at Disney for a half hour to 45 minutes to breast feed with my parents and sisters in tow.  Awkward turtle… and I can already see Dad rolling his eyes like he does when we go with smokers.

Bruce seems healthy and handsome on his almost entirely formula diet as it is.  Might just have to chalk this one up to inexperience and try again with the next kid.

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