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Guess what I got for Valentine’s Day?!

So, Bruce and I were laying in bed watching e-cards from Gran when I noticed his jammies were wet.  Oh no, so is the blanket.  Dammit, so is the mattress.  So, I scoop him up and change his diaper and plop him in the car seat.  I put the comforter in the wash, take off the sheets… I guess I could have spot cleaned, but I told you guys a long time ago that I hate dirty, nasty, pee pee, poo poo stuff.  On that note…

I did what I could to blot out the pee from the mattress without rubbing it in a whole lot.  I sprayed it with Resolve and just tried to work it out without working it in.  I’m content with my efforts, but will probably have Tom give it a go later anyway.

I grab Bruce.  Because the poor baby is just in a diaper, I head towards his room for clothes– is that poop?!  Did you poop in the diaper that I JUST put on you 5 seconds ago?!  You suck.

I don’t really stand at the changing table and wipe incessantly when he poops.  They’re squishy and slimy, so I dunk him in the sink.  Usually Bruce sits under the running water of the faucet.  Tom thinks it’s weird.  But a little soap and water, BOOM, we’re done.

So, we’re in the sink, loving our mini-bath/bidet.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a whole heck of a lot of poop– AHHH!  What is that?!  Pooping.  In the sink.  Great.  Okay.  Swell.

I’ve got no problem with it until I realize that unlike it’s Bruce-butt-smashed counterpart, diaper poop, sink poop does not go down the sink.  No.  It clogs that sucker right up.

So, now the water is running, Bruce is sitting in a bath of his own yellow poop, and I’m up to my elbows in it, frantically trying to wipe the poop out of the drain with a wipe — because EW, poop! — and geez, I guess it would help if I turn the water off.

FINALLY, I get the drain cleared, and wipe the sink clean and resume soaping Bruce up under the faucet.  What a nightmare that was!  Wait until everyone hears!  Wait until I tell Tom!  Tom is going to think this is so funny!

Man… I don’t think I have ever had this much residue on me.  It’s still all over his butt despite all that rinsing– oh.  That would be because HE IS POOPING AGAIN. 

Filled the sink.  Twice.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!  Enjoy your chocolates!

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free shipping

Diaper Junction has free shipping right now with a very small minimum purchase!  You know… just in case… you wanted to get… something…

Shipping Schedule

In stock orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt. Orders received after 10:00 am EST on Friday will begin processing for shipment on the next business day. (Usually on Monday unless it is a holiday) If your order should be back ordered, you will be notified by email. We will provide you with the anticipated date of shipment as well as substitution options for a quicker delivery.



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comparison shopping

Just a quick note:


Plus, we’re going with AIO OS, so we don’t need to buy 36 infant, 30 medium, and 24 large.  I will probably buy some infant diapers for the first couple of weeks, but after that (based on the sizes of my mom’s babies at birth) I assume the OS diapers will do the trick.

See also: Diapers.


holy great bargain, batman!

I found a great deal on All-In-Two (I think) cloth diapers on Totsy today.

Mom said that I should try out the cloth diapers and see how I feel about them.  I totally agree.  100%.  But part of me also thinks I should buy two-dozen right now because it’s such an incredible deal.

So, I compromised.  I bought 7 diapers and 6 extra liners (I’m hoping the 7 that I bought actually come with liners in them, but just in case they try to screw me, I have a back up plan.  Plus, I hear extra liners are good for overnight.)  The total retail price is about $100.  Cheap by cloth diapering standards.  These retail for $12.95 a piece, whereas the BumGenius AIOs (All-In-Ones) on my registry are about $20 a piece.  Of course, Totsy is a sale website.  They don’t sell at retail price.  So, the diapers are $8.75 a piece, with the exception of white and off white which are only $7.50!  (I spent the extra $1.25 for colors because they are so damn cute.  In hindsight, I should have just stocked up on white/off white.  It’s not like the kid’s not going to be wearing clothes over these adorable bright colors.  And either way it’s a poop sack.)

SO… the order subtotal is $77.25.

Because I have about 30 different email addresses, I signed up for Totsy and sent myself an invitation.  Once my second account made a purchase, the account that sent the invitation had a $15 credit.  Woot!  That took my diaper purchase from $77 to $62.  Sweet!

I never buy anything online without first visiting and searching for coupons.  Wouldn’t you know it!  Found a coupon for $15 off a $60 purchase at Totsy using coupon code VIPMOM.  That’ll cover shipping and take my grand total down to $55.   Schweeeeeeet!

Just thought I’d spell out that whole procedure in case some future aunt or grandma would like to grab a couple as shower gifts or something.  They’re not as cute (or as high quality) as a BumGenius AIO, but they’re also less than half the price.  We all know that I’m all about the Benjamins.  (I guess if YOU buy them, I’m not spending the money anyway – so feel free to splurge on the diapers on my registry.)

If you sign up through, I think you get free shipping and I will get a $15 credit once your stuff ships.  (At that point it’ll be too late to buy more diapers, but there’s always some awesome deal over there.)  Don’t forget, promo code VIPMOM!

This whole thing has fired me up about the cloth diapers!

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ok here’s the thing about the diapers…

I feel like I can feel people whispering about me, being a brand new mama, not knowing what the heck I’m doing with this whole cloth diapering thing.  “What?!  Is she crazy?!  Look how far technology has come with diapering!  She HATES germs and poop!  This is going to be a disaster!”

No, it’s not.  Here’s my reasoning:

1.  NUMERO UNO… Despite the added cost of doing laundry (detergent, water, electricity) and the fact that I’m going for one of the more expensive kinds of cloth diapers (All-In-Ones), cloth diapering costs 30-50% less than disposables.   I’m all about the Benjamins.  It’s all about saving money for getting out of debt, retirement, and now a college fund.

2.  The poop is coming either way.  I’m going to have to deal with it.  Instead of tossing it in the landfill like the rest of you irresponsible dirt-bags, we’re flushing it.  There’ll still be smelling poop, and wiping poop, and occasionally getting poop on me.  I hate it, but it’s happening either way.

3.  I’ve done a lot of research on research.  I’ve read story after story about impartial, objective investigators that wanted to see what the fuss was all about, tried cloth out and never went back to disposables.  Even when I Googled “why I switched to disposable diapers” I couldn’t find anyone who tried cloth, hated it and reverted back to their old ways.  If it’s happening, those people aren’t writing about it.  People who like cloth diapers LOVE cloth diapers.

4.  I’m not entering absorbancy contests.  I’m not trying to see how much crap the diaper can hold.  I hear disposables hold a lot, that modern technology has made them downright miraculous.  That not my M.O.  When that bad boy is dirty, I’m changing it.  Pee… poop… whatever.

5.  These aren’t your grandma’s fold and pin diapers.  They are actually really absorbent and really cool.  They work like disposables, that shape and everything.  They are freakin’ adorable.  I can’t lie, it does come into play.  BUT IT’S FIFTH ON MY LIST!

You know what’s not on my list?  Environmentalism – because I really don’t care about that.  FYI, it is much more eco-friendly… and if that’s a reason for you to pick up something from my diaper registry, awesome.  We both know you’re doing a good thing.  Good for you.  You’re a better person than I am.  I’m all about the Benjamins.