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welcome! bienvenida! 歡迎! willkommen!

You’re here.  So, I reckon you’ve heard the good news.  We’re knocked up!  We’re going to be a bona-fide family come this October!  I’m going to be somebody’s mama.  How crazy is that?!   Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!  Take a look around!

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“Our Story” is really the beginning.  It also has a ticker so you can track That La Kid’s progress.  I’ve been working on a registry.  (Too soon?  Yeah, well, it was already a work in progress for about 9 months BEFORE we got pregnant.)  And since everyone seems to have input on the name game, there’s a section for that, too.  Finally, just because every other baby website seems to have one, there’s also a guest book.  Sometimes it even writes back.

This here main page is the blog.  Please visit often and comment frequently (and at length whenever possible).  I’m selfish.  I like the attention.  It’s tough being 4 hours from the people who love you and who’ve got your back.  I know a lot of you have been praying with us for a number of years and I hope the mileage won’t stop us from sharing this experience.

Some things are password protected, but that’s for your safety – generally to protect people who’re afraid of TMI (*cough* HALEY *cough*).  If you’re interested in reading this blog with reckless abandon and you’re not afraid to hear about sex, drugs and rock and roll, the password is wushu.  Let this be your warning: sometimes it’s gross.

Wendy + Tom =

The few folks who’ve already seen that tiny blurb of a kid thought it was just another picture of Mr. Nasty.  It is not.  Mr. Nasty was HUGE.  The distance from yellow mark to yellow mark here is less than 5 cm (although this picture was taken 2 weeks ago).  This thing has a head, arms, hands, legs and feet!  Looky there!  We replaced the tumor with a little parasite.  AND we did it on the first try.  (I’m really proud of that, so you may hear it a lot.)

As of today, I am 14 weeks – and finally out of my first trimester!

Kiddo is due on October 7, 2012 – the Year of the Dragon!!


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