That La Kid

wishin' an' hopin'!


on February 21, 2012

Six weeks and five days into being pregnant, I’m already very aware that there is a demanding child inside me.  I can’t control the timing on anything my body does and I’m blaming 100% of it on the kiddo.  Eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom… it all seems to be occurring on someone else’s schedule.  And when we’re doing it – WE’RE DOING IT.  There’s no debate.  I don’t get a little rumble in my stomach – I’M STARVING.  Must.  Eat.  And when it comes to the potty – there’s no holding it.  (Of course when I actually get in the bathroom, there’s barely anything to show for all the anticipation.)  The sleeping thing is very similar to what I think narcolepsy must be like.  Watching Judge Judy folding some laundry in the living room one second, the next: ZZZZZZZZ.

It’s all very interesting.

And holy balls, if it’s this demanding now – while it’s only the size of a pea – how the heck am I going to deal when it’s 16?!

Also… funny story.  I followed Tom home from Charlottesville in our new 4Runner last night.  I was scanning the radio and happened to catch “Hold On Loosely” from the beginning.  So, I’m jamming out and thinking about how awesome .38 Special was that one time I saw them in concert with my D.o.D… and I remembered they perform at Epcot every year near Dad’s birthday.  We should go!  Dang!  I should just make the decision that even if it’s a weekday – I’m going.  Crap.  Dad’s bday is Oct. 21.  Kiddo is due mid-October.


Already this kid is wreaking havoc on my social life.

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