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This finding a doctor stuff is HARD.

on February 6, 2012

Tom got a job offer from Palladin.  I know, right?  Amazing.  Making the same thing he’s making now, but in Cville where the cost of living is astronomical.  Also, no health care.  Not yet, anyway.  And it sounds like when we DO get healthcare, it’ll be part of the $*dollar amount they offered* “package.”  I’m not positive what that means, but it sounds to me like they’re taking it out of his paycheck.  How ironic that the offer came on the same day as the positive pregnancy test.  Interesting.  Had all this happened 3 months ago, it would be a no brainer.  I’d be closer to my family, deliver a baby in a hospital with which I am familiar… BUT someone is living in our house right now, and will be for the next 21 months.


I can’t wait to look back on all of this and see how it all turned out.

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