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a funny thing happened on the way home…

on February 9, 2012

I think Haley’s on to me.  And I’m worried I doth protest too much.  She asked me yesterday if I was going to do “BabyWithoutDebt.”  Hm.  She’s too smart.


Speaking of BabyWithoutDebt… funny story.  Tom, Jasmine and I rode out to Toys R Us last night because they have the best deal on the Lady and the Tramp 3 Disc Blu-ray set.  As it turns out, they were out of Lady and the Tramp, but we saw a changing table for $25.  It was already assembled, and looked like it would fit in the car.  Maybe.  I took a second glance – no way, it’s too big.


We went out to the car and looked at the trunk, the backseat.  It should fit!  Even if I have to ride home with the dog on my lap, we can make it work.  Tom said, “I don’t know, it’s also pretty beat up.”

“Yeah,” I said, “but it’s like we’re making $50.”  It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but for $25… I had a hard time leaving it at the store.  So, I sent Tom back to pick it up.  He walked out of the store beaming, but as he got closer and closer, the changing table got larger and larger.  Shit.  It’s not going to fit.


We popped the trunk, and tried every angle to make it fit.  Okay, alright, fine.  So it doesn’t fit in the trunk.  No problem!  Surely it will fit in the back seat!


Don’t call me Shirley.


I put Jasmine in the front seat and we tried to shove it in the backseat.  No dice.  By now, Toys R Us is closed, and we have an audience of people sitting in the parking lot watching our shenanigans.  Did you know that Dollar Tree is open until 10 pm?!  Neither did I.  We’re art majors.  We’re creative.  Maybe I can find something in there… maybe a rope.  We have the blanket for the dog in the back seat, maybe we can put the blanket on the roof of the car and strap the changing table onto it.


At first, all I could find was yarn.  Then I found a pretty sturdy clothesline.  I’d better grab scissors… what else… A SCREWDRIVER… just in case.  Although I really don’t want to take that whole thing apart.


This time I was the one walking out of a store beaming.  I sauntered across the parking lot, holding up my Dollar Tree bag above my head in triumph.  I felt like a hero.  I told Tom the plan, and he said, “Really?  Are you sure?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I think I’ve figured it out.”



“Will it compromise the structural integrity of the changing table?”

“No.  I don’t think so.”

I sighed, “…alright.”


And there we sat, Tom, Jasmine and I, in the middle of an almost vacant parking lot, taking this changing table apart one screw at a time under the watchful eye of laughing strangers.  About a half an hour later, we got the damn thing disassembled and in the trunk of my car.  It really wasn’t too tough, and breaks down to practically nothing.


For a while, I really thought we were completely sunk.  It was a lot of work, but hey – we made $50!


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