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ok here’s the thing about the diapers…

on February 17, 2012

I feel like I can feel people whispering about me, being a brand new mama, not knowing what the heck I’m doing with this whole cloth diapering thing.  “What?!  Is she crazy?!  Look how far technology has come with diapering!  She HATES germs and poop!  This is going to be a disaster!”

No, it’s not.  Here’s my reasoning:

1.  NUMERO UNO… Despite the added cost of doing laundry (detergent, water, electricity) and the fact that I’m going for one of the more expensive kinds of cloth diapers (All-In-Ones), cloth diapering costs 30-50% less than disposables.   I’m all about the Benjamins.  It’s all about saving money for getting out of debt, retirement, and now a college fund.

2.  The poop is coming either way.  I’m going to have to deal with it.  Instead of tossing it in the landfill like the rest of you irresponsible dirt-bags, we’re flushing it.  There’ll still be smelling poop, and wiping poop, and occasionally getting poop on me.  I hate it, but it’s happening either way.

3.  I’ve done a lot of research on research.  I’ve read story after story about impartial, objective investigators that wanted to see what the fuss was all about, tried cloth out and never went back to disposables.  Even when I Googled “why I switched to disposable diapers” I couldn’t find anyone who tried cloth, hated it and reverted back to their old ways.  If it’s happening, those people aren’t writing about it.  People who like cloth diapers LOVE cloth diapers.

4.  I’m not entering absorbancy contests.  I’m not trying to see how much crap the diaper can hold.  I hear disposables hold a lot, that modern technology has made them downright miraculous.  That not my M.O.  When that bad boy is dirty, I’m changing it.  Pee… poop… whatever.

5.  These aren’t your grandma’s fold and pin diapers.  They are actually really absorbent and really cool.  They work like disposables, that shape and everything.  They are freakin’ adorable.  I can’t lie, it does come into play.  BUT IT’S FIFTH ON MY LIST!

You know what’s not on my list?  Environmentalism – because I really don’t care about that.  FYI, it is much more eco-friendly… and if that’s a reason for you to pick up something from my diaper registry, awesome.  We both know you’re doing a good thing.  Good for you.  You’re a better person than I am.  I’m all about the Benjamins.

3 responses to “ok here’s the thing about the diapers…

  1. Haley Nickel says:


    • Wendy J. La says:

      Other than that, what are your thoughts? You think my demands seem reasonable?

      • Haley Nickel says:

        Yea I think it’s reasonable. I looked at your registry and they are pricey but I reckon it’s a bigger one-time expense instead of 456453453464352465469 disposable diapers over three years.

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