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I have a few ideas regarding furnishing the baby’s room.  We’ve been looking at houses, so I’m getting fired up.  🙂

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20 weeks

As of today, baby is a banana.  It’s weird to go from mango to banana.  One week, I think we go from, like, acorn squash to cucumber.  The round plump to long and skinny transitions weird me out on the food chart.  I imagine it being round and plump all the time.

Twenty weeks preggo and I’m still at the weight I was when I started.  THANK GOD.  I am obese, so I shouldn’t put on too much.  I think the stats about diet soda are true.  People who drink diet soda tend to weigh more than people who drink regular soda.  It’s true with me.  I know, I know… I am supposed to cut out caffeine.   Actually, I can safely have up to 200 mg of caffeine per day.  I tend to have two Dr. Peppers a day, which is about 70 mg.  I’m sure there is some caffeine in the other stuff I’m taking in (chocolate?) but I think I am safely under the limit.  So, yeah… 20 weeks, and no weight gain.  Feelin’ good.

I am, however, starting to see a bit of a bump.  My sisters tell me it looks WAY different than Mr. Nasty, way cuter.  I got a lot of attention on Mother’s Day, and I don’t really know what to do with that.  For example, the manager at Olive Garden gave all the moms at our table a $10 off coupon and told me to come back and tell her when I knew what we were having.  I was so shy and awkward.  She said,”is it your first?”  I said, “Yes.”  “How are you feeling?”  “Terrified.”

I don’t know how to make myself happy and excited about it, but I suspect it has to do with shopping.  I feel like if I could get a crib, and a dresser, and really start to set up for this kid, then I’d feel better about the whole deal.  Right now I am just bringing another person into my mess.  There’s no sense in buying a crib or assembling a dresser now, when we are moving in (hopefully less than) 2 months.  I have a lot of anxiety about the kind of mom I’m going to be.  Everyone thinks I’ll be awesome.  Everyone but me.  I’ve got a good thing going with my husband.  We went to the Nationwide race last year just because we had the free tickets.  How can we do that with a baby?  We have to get a sitter… and blah, blah, blah.  Our free tickets and night out costs us $30.  We laugh and play and have so much fun when it’s just the two of us.  I don’t want to give that up.  On the other hand, I don’t know why I think things will change so drastically when we add a third to our party.  It’ll just be one more really cool thing we’re experiencing together.

Plus, WE TRIED FOR SOOOOOO LOOOONG!!!  So, what?  Like, now that we’ve made it I’m not sure if I want to go through with it?  Should have thought of that in January.

Ah, January.  Mr. Nasty is GONE.  That huge open cut down my gut is HEALED.  All my parts WORK.  Just thinking about that gets me excited about this whole baby deal.  Three years, nothing.  Cyst removed, FIRST TRY!  In January, we wanted it so bad, and tried so hard.  🙂  Our families are THRILLED.  It’s going to be born in the Year of the Dragon!

But yeah, I have mixed emotions.

***Just realized, says cantaloupe, not banana.***



Here’s what’s going on for the baby’s room.

Everything is designed around this mobile… my mobile from when I was a baby.  It plays “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Although looking at it, mine is a little faded.

Alright, here… here’s what I’ve got so far.

The mobile:


The crib quilt:

Yeah.  Ya’ see what I did there?  Here’s another shot of the blanket and some other things around the room.  We’re going with primary colors and lots and lots of Disney characters.


This kite flew in my room for a really long time.


I found this at Ikea and bought two of them.  We’ve got lots of stuff, so we’ll hide some of it under the crib.  I like bright patterns with numbers and letters.  Look!  Not even born yet and we’re already prepped for a play date with Aunt Haley!

I sent Mom a picture of the crib quilts, and she said, “Wow!  Should have known it would be perfect!”  It doesn’t feel perfect.  It feels very scattered and unorganized and mismatched.  (So, please – if you think it’s perfect, stroke my ego.  If not… I am open to suggestion.)  There are so many things that I love at Babies R’ Us, but none of them match this mobile I’ve been holding onto for 28 years.  The mobile, by the way, which will not function until I get a new hook to put it on.  I could very easily ditch the mobile and go with the Noah’s Ark theme that I always imagined.  Classic.  Simple.  Most likely well-executed… but noooo…  I’m going with this obscure little thing from 1983.

Funny story about the crib quilt.  I think I first saw it on Etsy.  It’s actually made from a twin sheet and there are a bunch of them out there.  I mean, I’ve seen them pop up a few times over the years.  People just have one sheet, either flat or fitted, and that’s useless so they make cute vintagey looking blankets and quilts out of them.  I saw this particular design, with all the characters in the air and fell head over heels in love with it because of the mobile.  With no baby on board (this was YEARS and years and years ago… probably right after we got married) I watched the item and eventually someone bought it.  Then, of course, it and everything like it dropped off the radar for a couple of years.  When I saw it again (this time on ebay), I pounced on it.  “Is that stupid,” I asked Tom, “$30 for a crib quilt when we don’t have a baby?”  He said, “we’ll have one eventually.”  So that blanket has been in the closet of the guest room for yeeeears.  We moved to Charlotte and I put it in the closet of this guest room for a year.

Then, we went to Goodwill.  Guess what I found?  Same sheet-turned-crib-quilt.  This one had a red border instead of yellow and the back has some needlework firetrucks or some nonsense… but that’s the back, and it was $5 or $7.  SOLD – to the crazy lady with no baby… yet.  WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

***UPDATE*** Alright, I looked at the back and had to share it with y’all.

I know, right?  Random.  But I appreciate the craftsmanship anyway.  It looks like a lot of hard work went into the random back of this $5 or $7 quilt.


I was just thinking about that little thing wiggling on the ultrasound and something occurred to me…

I’m having a baby.

Like, it might ACTUALLY pan out.  Not might… it probably WILL pan out.  More likely than not… unless something terrible happens… we’re really going to be parents by Halloween.

Generally, I am of the mindset that we could have this baby.  Very seldom do I really feel like we will have this baby.  But today, thinking about that ultrasound, I had a will moment.

I can’t decide whether to register at Target or Babies R Us.  Here’s the thing, we registered at Target when we got married.  Since then, I’ve been on a crusade to save my cousins (and eventually sisters) from making the same mistake.  If I had it to do over again, it would be Crate and Barrel all the way.  So naturally, when it came to registering for this baby, I went to Land of Nod.  But the funny thing is, if you aren’t interested in $700 cribs and you already have your crib bedding (vintage Mickey Mouse), they don’t offer much that I wasn’t able to find at, you guessed it, Target.  The same Puj tub, the same BabyBjorn travel crib, the same Skip Hop Hare Comb and Brush Kit…

The stroller we like is at Target.  I honestly don’t know of anything Babies R Us has that Target doesn’t, but it’d be fun to shop there.  BUT – my main argument when I tell brides not to register at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target is “don’t pick a place just because your guests like to shop there.  Get what you love – from a store YOU like.”

So, I don’t know… I’m open to suggestion.  I don’t really want to fool with a bunch of crap.  I mostly want to register for the crucial items, and not fill the registry with a bunch of cutesy crap that will distract people from investing in what we really need.

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a funny thing happened on the way home…

I think Haley’s on to me.  And I’m worried I doth protest too much.  She asked me yesterday if I was going to do “BabyWithoutDebt.”  Hm.  She’s too smart.


Speaking of BabyWithoutDebt… funny story.  Tom, Jasmine and I rode out to Toys R Us last night because they have the best deal on the Lady and the Tramp 3 Disc Blu-ray set.  As it turns out, they were out of Lady and the Tramp, but we saw a changing table for $25.  It was already assembled, and looked like it would fit in the car.  Maybe.  I took a second glance – no way, it’s too big.


We went out to the car and looked at the trunk, the backseat.  It should fit!  Even if I have to ride home with the dog on my lap, we can make it work.  Tom said, “I don’t know, it’s also pretty beat up.”

“Yeah,” I said, “but it’s like we’re making $50.”  It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but for $25… I had a hard time leaving it at the store.  So, I sent Tom back to pick it up.  He walked out of the store beaming, but as he got closer and closer, the changing table got larger and larger.  Shit.  It’s not going to fit.


We popped the trunk, and tried every angle to make it fit.  Okay, alright, fine.  So it doesn’t fit in the trunk.  No problem!  Surely it will fit in the back seat!


Don’t call me Shirley.


I put Jasmine in the front seat and we tried to shove it in the backseat.  No dice.  By now, Toys R Us is closed, and we have an audience of people sitting in the parking lot watching our shenanigans.  Did you know that Dollar Tree is open until 10 pm?!  Neither did I.  We’re art majors.  We’re creative.  Maybe I can find something in there… maybe a rope.  We have the blanket for the dog in the back seat, maybe we can put the blanket on the roof of the car and strap the changing table onto it.


At first, all I could find was yarn.  Then I found a pretty sturdy clothesline.  I’d better grab scissors… what else… A SCREWDRIVER… just in case.  Although I really don’t want to take that whole thing apart.


This time I was the one walking out of a store beaming.  I sauntered across the parking lot, holding up my Dollar Tree bag above my head in triumph.  I felt like a hero.  I told Tom the plan, and he said, “Really?  Are you sure?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I think I’ve figured it out.”



“Will it compromise the structural integrity of the changing table?”

“No.  I don’t think so.”

I sighed, “…alright.”


And there we sat, Tom, Jasmine and I, in the middle of an almost vacant parking lot, taking this changing table apart one screw at a time under the watchful eye of laughing strangers.  About a half an hour later, we got the damn thing disassembled and in the trunk of my car.  It really wasn’t too tough, and breaks down to practically nothing.


For a while, I really thought we were completely sunk.  It was a lot of work, but hey – we made $50!


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