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on April 26, 2012

Here’s what’s going on for the baby’s room.

Everything is designed around this mobile… my mobile from when I was a baby.  It plays “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Although looking at it, mine is a little faded.

Alright, here… here’s what I’ve got so far.

The mobile:


The crib quilt:

Yeah.  Ya’ see what I did there?  Here’s another shot of the blanket and some other things around the room.  We’re going with primary colors and lots and lots of Disney characters.


This kite flew in my room for a really long time.


I found this at Ikea and bought two of them.  We’ve got lots of stuff, so we’ll hide some of it under the crib.  I like bright patterns with numbers and letters.  Look!  Not even born yet and we’re already prepped for a play date with Aunt Haley!

I sent Mom a picture of the crib quilts, and she said, “Wow!  Should have known it would be perfect!”  It doesn’t feel perfect.  It feels very scattered and unorganized and mismatched.  (So, please – if you think it’s perfect, stroke my ego.  If not… I am open to suggestion.)  There are so many things that I love at Babies R’ Us, but none of them match this mobile I’ve been holding onto for 28 years.  The mobile, by the way, which will not function until I get a new hook to put it on.  I could very easily ditch the mobile and go with the Noah’s Ark theme that I always imagined.  Classic.  Simple.  Most likely well-executed… but noooo…  I’m going with this obscure little thing from 1983.

Funny story about the crib quilt.  I think I first saw it on Etsy.  It’s actually made from a twin sheet and there are a bunch of them out there.  I mean, I’ve seen them pop up a few times over the years.  People just have one sheet, either flat or fitted, and that’s useless so they make cute vintagey looking blankets and quilts out of them.  I saw this particular design, with all the characters in the air and fell head over heels in love with it because of the mobile.  With no baby on board (this was YEARS and years and years ago… probably right after we got married) I watched the item and eventually someone bought it.  Then, of course, it and everything like it dropped off the radar for a couple of years.  When I saw it again (this time on ebay), I pounced on it.  “Is that stupid,” I asked Tom, “$30 for a crib quilt when we don’t have a baby?”  He said, “we’ll have one eventually.”  So that blanket has been in the closet of the guest room for yeeeears.  We moved to Charlotte and I put it in the closet of this guest room for a year.

Then, we went to Goodwill.  Guess what I found?  Same sheet-turned-crib-quilt.  This one had a red border instead of yellow and the back has some needlework firetrucks or some nonsense… but that’s the back, and it was $5 or $7.  SOLD – to the crazy lady with no baby… yet.  WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

***UPDATE*** Alright, I looked at the back and had to share it with y’all.

I know, right?  Random.  But I appreciate the craftsmanship anyway.  It looks like a lot of hard work went into the random back of this $5 or $7 quilt.

6 responses to “design

  1. Wendy J. La says:

    Hm. I wonder if the Mickey Stuff was just supposed to be the quilt backing… that never occured to me until now.

  2. I totally had/have those sheets. Frick yeah for the world’s coolest baby.

  3. and also, it matches just fine. You’re way to hard on yourself. It’s perfect. 🙂

  4. Mom! says:

    Sad to say, I’m thinking Mickey is the back…but hey, Mickey deserves to be in the front and shall be for your baby!

  5. Haley Nickel says:

    You know how my dorm room is mostly pink but then the Glee posters are primary colors but I have that green pillow and hints of red. Individually I felt at the beginning like “ahhh there’s a lot of color and a lot going on and it looks like a mismatch of stuff..” but man when we stepped back and took that picture last year of the whole room, it was like DAMN. AMAZING ROOM. It all tied together and looked cool and fun and personal. It was a Haley room. I feel like the mobile and the blanket, the primary colors, feel to you like a modge-podge because you are close to the project… but when you step back on your completed baby room at the end it will be “BAM. MASTERPIECE. Coolest baby room in the world.” Very Wendy, Very Tom, just like this baby. Very Godzi.

  6. Lindsay Kaye says:

    So maybe I’m late to the game but I feel that there is a theme here and that theme is flying Disney characters. It all depends on if that’s the theme you want. Also I agree with Haley.

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