That La Kid

wishin' an' hopin'!


on July 16, 2013

How have I hit a plateau at 242? I don’t understand. I’m doing everything right. ::sigh:: I did drink a LOT of extra water today. Let’s hope that’s got something to do with it. And before you even start with your muscle weighs more than fat stuff, it’s not like I don’t have it to lose. I’m not pumping irons, just changed my eating habits, so there’s no reason for bulking up.

Met a lady walking last night. I walk at midnight to avoid people. But there she was. She was scared of walking by herself. So, I did a lap around the block with her. It was an extra lap for me. I usually do 5 laps to get to 3+ miles, but with my buddy I did 6. Pretty good considering I was ready to go home and throw up after #3.

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