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did i mention the doctor?

on April 2, 2012

We had this huge event that I totally forgot to mention to you (other than sharing the utrasound).  We found a doctor that we don’t dislike!

When we met with Ananda, she said hopefully we can find an open-minded Charlottesville doctor who’d be willing to share the responsibilities with a local doctor here in Charlotte.  The first doctor that Tom called was not at all interested.  So, we didn’t mention it to the next doctor, Dr. Wolanski.

We scheduled an appointment with Dr Wolanski on Friday, March 23.  The first thing we did was meet with him in his office.  He was concerned that Tom’s permanent address was listed as Charlotte, NC.  I said, “Actually, we both live there… that’s something we need to talk about.”

So we laid it all out right there on the table.  The family’s there, the facilities are incredible… we want this kid to be born at MJH, like Mom.

To my surprise, Wolanski didn’t pause.  He said fine or sure or alright or something.  Then said he’d had people come from as far or farther.  He threw out Bethesda (not farther, but anyway) and said he asked them, “Are you sure?  This is what you want?”  He said they said, “yep.”  So, that’s what we’re doing.

I had to have some bloodwork done, and we really wanted that ultrasound.  For those, we had to go to the Martha Jefferson Outpatient Center and the main hospital.  The only person who was less than helpful was the lady who scheduled the ultrasound.  It was about 3:45.  She said we needed to be at the ultrasound no later than 4:45.  And oh yeah, by the way, the place where they take your blood also closes at 5:00 and we need you to speak with this Financial Consultant before you go.  She was kind of snippy.  I was like, “alright, we’ll give blood in the morning.”  “They’re closed on Saturday.”  she said.  We are special, okay lady?  And not special like, “everyone’s special.”  We are “I need the thyroid checked and oh by the way we live 4 hours out of town” special.

We talked to the financial lady and then RAN to the Outpatient Center to do the blood work.  I am SO PROUD of Tom, because after we checked in and waited to be called, he went to the window, polite as could be, and said, “Excuse me?  I was just wondering if you had some kind of estimate about how long this usually takes.  I’m sorry to bother you.  We have an appointment in the hospital at 4:45 and I just want to make sure we can do both.”  He came and sat down.  They moved us to the front of the line and called us in ahead of 2 people who were there before us.  The lady who signed me in was SOOOOOOO wonderful.  She said, “I’ll go ahead and check you in to the ultrasound appointment, too.”  We talked about my MJH experience with Mr. Nasty.  (I had my bad day, i.e. Nurse Austin, but overall I was very pleased with how that all went down.)

She said that they love to hear positive feedback.  They work really hard to make it a positive experience despite being in a hospital.  That afternoon solidified my entire plan to have the baby at MJH.

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