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on March 27, 2012

I spent $42 on all things yellow with giraffes (so friendly!) at the Lollipop (consignment) Shop in Charlottesville over the weekend.  So, first thing this morning I threw it all in the washing machine, although I’m sure I’m doing that wrong and need to buy baby detergent.

I was kind of taken aback by the fact that I am actually washing baby clothes.  For… my baby.

Speaking of my baby!

We saw it.

My LMP started on 12/24/11, which would put my due date at 9/29/12.  I personally thought ovulation was around 1/19/12, which would put the due date at 10/11/12.  My cycle hasn’t been regular in a long time, and I feel like that is quite a discrepancy.  We talked the doctor into letting us get an ultrasound to nail it down for sure.  (But mostly because we just don’t believe that any of this is real.)  According to the tech, we were at 11 weeks and 5 days on Friday, March 23rd.  (Which puts conception on or around 1/15/12… We were at Dad’s house that weekend.  But it is possible that’s when it happened.  Awkward turtle.)

I still think based on my temperature charts that conception was here at home in Charlotte on 1/19, but since I’m sure the doctor is going to base it all on that ultrasound, I guess I should shift my due date to 10/7/12.

Can’t lie, it’d be pretty neat to have it on 10/11/12.

But anyway – WE SAW IT!  It was a squirmy little maniac in there, kung fu fighting like a mofo.  Pretty freaking cool.

Dad got the images on disk for us (for PC, so I have to work out getting them on the Mac) and the Imaging Exam Report which says:

“CRL = 4.96 cm corresponding to a gestational age of 11 weeks and 5 days.”

“Fetal cardiac rate = 171 bpm”

“Ovaries and Adnexa: NO ABNORMALITY SEEN”  (Woot!)

“Impression: Single living intrauterine pregnancy.  No complications noted.”

As Haley would say, “it’s happening.”

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