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Looks like we have to switch gears and start coming up with boy names.

The middle name’s got to be Lee.  It’s a family name on both sides.  Gammy’s little brother was named Lee.  He was a big deal to her.  I remember her showing me a book in which Lee had written his name.  It was priceless to her, because Lee passed away at about age 6, so he wasn’t around to write his name on much of anything.

In 2010, Tom’s cousin stumbled on a very old book that designated names for each generation in the family.  The assigned name for my son’s generation is Lee.

Tom’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Lillian Emma La
  • Charlotte Nicole (or Nichole) La
  • Virginia Louise La (I know, it’s been done – I just like it.)
  • Ruby Kaye La (I feel like a little Asian girl named Ruby would be a-freakin’-dorable)
  • Allie Kaye La
  • Ellie Marie La (Like Ellie in “Up.”  Is it too close to Ellen Marie?  Not close enough?)
  • Lois Elizabeth La (We like it because of Lois Lane, from Superman)
  • Bruce Lee La (has comic book appeal, and I mean, COME ON… year of the dragon, middle name’s gotta be Lee… how could we NOT go with Bruce Lee?!)
  • Clark Lee La (Hehe, Somebody save me.)
  • Jack Lee La
  • Yensid Bruce La (Thanks Dan, Nick and Lindsay 🙂 )
  • Lex Luthor La (I am not joking at all.)
I’d also love to use Penny, Grace or Charlotte.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Drop it in the comments below.

33 responses to “the name game

  1. Haley Nickel says:

    I like Lillian Emma La.

  2. Haley Nickel says:

    Matt likes the names Lily and Emma… like… brought them up on his own when we were talking about our own baby names… which I thought was funny.

  3. Mommy says:

    How about Lillian Nicole La?

  4. High School Friend birthname Nichole "Nikki" says:

    I lime Lillian Nichole with an “h” ! Lol

  5. High School Friend AGAIN! says:

    I would also like to add that I did save your cat once. ::clears throat:: “h”

  6. Haley Nickel says:

    Bahahaha. That h is for hero.

  7. Ashley Michelle says:

    omg i wanted to name my girl Lillian because i love Lily!!

    • Wendy J. La says:

      You should name her Lily. I have a beef with people who name their kids something because they really like the nickname. If you love the short form, go with that! Like, Trudy instead of Gertrude. 😛 (Although, Lillian is kind of an exception in our family’s case.)

  8. Alyssa Payne says:

    But what if it’s a boy?!?

  9. Alyssa Payne says:

    P.S. I like Charlotte Kaye or Charlotte Grace if it’s a girl. 🙂

  10. Wendy J. La says:

    I worry that using Kaye will lead to an onslaught of people thinking she’s Something Kayla… which stinks, because I really like the name.

  11. Tony O says:

    I’ve always loved the name Charlotte. I must concur with Alyssa, though. I only see girl names. What if you get a little fella?

    • Wendy J. La says:

      Then we can all look forward to a boy named Sue.

      Actually, it’ll be Something Lee La if it’s a boy. Just have to figure out what the Something is.

      • I like Emma Grace…That’s like MaMa and her Mom…Before I had babies my girl names were Blanche Lillian (Mom didn’t like it because I saw it on a gravestone) Amy Alison(Amy because I love love love that name and Alison after Ali McGraw) ,and Sheri Michelle after my best friend and her sister…I decided to name Amy after Louise and somehow Blanche Lillian fell by the wayside…I don’t think Bobby liked Sheri or Alison…Ryan was going to be Christina Michelle (Ryan was named after his father and Ryan O’Neal) and Cody was going to be Ivy Grace…I miscarried a baby that was due on Christmas that I was going to name Joy Noelle or Cody Jonathan… Joy ended up being my Michelle…Cody was going to be Ivy Grace and I ended up naming him after Bobby’s Dad instead of Jonathan…Oh if Amy was a boy she would have been Robert Gregory…

  12. the idiot that got so excited for you that she fell says:

    Penny is rad. I dig Penny Grace La. I never saved your cat but I did help my dad get Crystal back to your house in that one snow storm in 93. Just saying. Also you know…that whole bus thing. With the paper and the forest and all.

  13. Wendy J. La says:

    I think it’s funny that we endured years of, “Tiki… or Godzi… or Cinder El…” and now that I’ve provided you people with a forum for your nonsense, you’re all business.

  14. Wendy J. La says:

    Interestingly, all the girls since Terry have names that end in y… (within the 1st cousin range anyhow.) Terry, Trudy, Amy, Courtney, Wendy, Lindsay, Ashley, Joy, Kelly, Haley, Sunny… I guess that’s no reason it HAS to end in y, but very interesting.

  15. Mikael says:

    Well, this thread is no longer helpful, since you’re having a BOY! lol For what it’s worth, my suggestion would’ve been Penny Lane La.

    • Wendy J. La says:

      What about for a boy?

      • Mikael says:

        I thought Bruce Lee La was a definite. I like it.

      • Mikael says:

        Not that I suggest you doing this to your kid, but here are some first-middle name combos that make one name:

        Bill or Will Lee
        Brad Lee
        Stan Lee
        Wes Lee
        Blake Lee

        Other first-middle combos to make names:

        Abel (Able + Lee = ably)
        Ari (airily)
        Barrett (shortened to Bear or “bare” and you get barely)
        Cecil (Sicily)
        Common (commonly)
        Cole (coly is apparently “any member of the genus Colius, a group of African birds”)
        Earl (early)
        Erie (eerily)
        Phil (Philly)
        Doyle (doily)
        Gray or Grey (greyly, as in the color grey)

        I still like Bruce Lee La best. (:

    • Wendy J. La says:

      There’s a kid on Toddlers & Tiaras named Penny Lane.

  16. Lindsay Kaye says:

    I think it’s tough not to go with Bruce Lee La. Like you said, his whole life, his friends would be like “Aww man! Your Parents should have named you Bruce!” However, I like Truman Lee and I like Lex, but not Lex Luther La. I like Lex Lee La though. Triple L could be his wrestler name….If he were to go that route.

    • Wendy J. La says:

      Truman Walter Lee La. 🙂 We can call him TW2.

      John Lee La. Tom has a cousin Jon, though, and we have Jonathan Todd.

      I love Todd and Toby – but they’re taken.

      Something biblical would be nice. I like Paul, he’s got a lot of significance from our days at McLean Bible but we can’t have Paul La… Paula. Peter La?

      Could just do Mickey and be done with it.

  17. Wendy J. La says:

    I want his name to be something that makes people go, “DAAANG, that’s a good name! Why didn’t I name my kid that?!” But I’m afraid it’ll end up being more of a, “well, it’s your baby” name.

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