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i uhn…

on November 5, 2014

Bruce is saying so much. “I un caul” (I want call) is a popular one. Specifically, “I un caul Hay-lay.” I need to shoot more video of this guy. The other night, he was playing with an app on Tom’s phone and speaking Chinese. I kid you not.

Other things he says:

I uhn eat. : I want to eat.
I uhn ah. (Motioning to his mouth) : I want a vitamin.
I uhn eeeeee. (Moving his finger in front of his mouth like he’s brushing his teeth) : I want to brush my teeth.
I wuh see. : I want to see. (Usually wants to see what’s cooking on the stove.)
I uhn ig. : I want an egg.
Cook! : Cook!

He likes to illustrate the difference between hot and cold by having me lift him up to the stove where he pretends to touch a hot pot then jerks his hand back, “AHT!” And he’ll pretend to shiver while saying, “cole, cole!” He’s a boy who knows what he “uhns” and has no problem telling you. “I uhn up! I uhn dow! I uhn out! I uhn play! I uhn toyeee! (Toy Story, not actual toys.) I uhn can-y! I uhn bat! (Bath.) I uhn P’Paw! (Grandpa, my dad. I feel bad because I called my dad Pa-Pa in front of the Armstrong clan while we were picking apples. If I were within earshot on the receiving end, I’d have been mad. The sting of losing Paw Paw is still very fresh and raw. But for the record, we didn’t direct Bruce to call my Dad that, he just does.)”
I love him more and more every day. That’s a BFD for me. I stress, and struggle, and lose faith. It’s hard. I don’t know if i was built for motherhood. I worry about what I’m doing that will “inevitable screw him up,” as they say in “Now and Then.” So, yeah. Big deal. I’m thinking about keeping him.

I’m down to 212.8.  My lowest weight since college. Half a pound from now, I’ll be able to say I’ve lost 20 lbs in 3 months. Not bad. Not record-breaking or anything, but not bad. It’s not even the running, it’s just kind of amazing what happens when you decide animal products cause cancer and man-made products cause diabetes. I did cheat last night. I’ve had candy since Halloween and for dinner last night I had Wendy’s fries, a couple of nuggets and some soda. It was nothing to write home about. I mean, I didn’t even enjoy it that much. Interesting, because my diet used to be fast food twice a day. That shit’ll kill ya’.

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