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them’s fightin’ words

on September 22, 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself, but I’m afraid that I’ll re-read this in 5 years and be like, “Who cares that you lost .8 lbs?! BRUUUUCE!” On that note, Bruce is growing in leaps and bounds and everything he does surprises me.

Today while I lazily played on my iphone, he was in his high chair eating an entire bowl of cereal, with milk, all by himself.  I’ve been giving him dry cereal, but today he coaxed me into pouring in milk (vanilla soy milk). The floor wasn’t pretty, but you’d be surprised how much made it into his mouth. I was surprised. I was impressed. I looked up from my phone when he said, “MORE?” His bowl was empty.

He’s saying all kinds of things these days. The most recent are, “juice,” and “cookie,” and “ice.” All food is “more.” (Except juice, cookies, and ice, of course. And pizza…) Pizza is “pee pee,” which I can already tell is going to create a super-awkward moment in my not-so-distant future.

I was looking at his feet today while he laid in my lap, which he NEVER does, eating “corn-corn” and watching “Robin Hood.” I just marveled at those little miracles. I hate feet. I do. They’re ugly and gross. But Bruce’s feet are so cute and sweet and perfect.

Bruce also says, “guh gur!” aka “good girl!” to Jasmine when she comes in from outside. He pats his thigh to get her to come to him.

There’s so much, and I feel like it’s all happening so fast! I hope I remember to take time out and just enjoy my nearly-2 year old!

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