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joan rivers

on September 4, 2014


My run got rained out last night. It’s a shame too, because my mile time was outstanding, about 12:45. My one mile that I ran was a fast one. (Relatively speaking.) I’m wondering if it was because I was adequately hydrated. I drank so much water yesterday. I caught on to something, if I drink and drink and drink and drink it flushes my body of bad stuff (waste, but toxins, too, I think) a lot quicker and easier than me just trying to run it off.  I used to put off drinking water because I wanted to see how low I could get the scale to go before I ingested anything on any given day. Now, it seems, the more water I drink, the less I weigh the next morning. So, the lowest I was yesterday was 228.2, and I woke up this morning at 226.8.  I’m moderately excited, still anxious for 224.

Bruce doesn’t eat much and it makes me nervous. I know he’s capable of eating a lot because he has in the past, he just doesn’t. I can’t make him. Today for lunch he had half a banana, a handful of cashews, a few bites of my vegan lasagna, some popcorn and an oatmeal cookie. No dark leafy green veggies. I feel like a bad mom. I am, however, very proud of the popcorn. We made it using half a cup of popcorn kernels and 1 tsp of canola oil, most of which seems to be on the paper bag and plate in the microwave. When I divided the canola oil by the serving sizeI believe I consumed, it was a minimal amount of calories. I’m excited. Supposedly, you can air-pop in the microwave with 0 oil. I guess that’s on the horizon for us. 

Joan Rivers just passed away. That makes me sad. (It’s like the news had to do a special report to beat the news breaking on facebook.) I liked her. I enjoyed her on “The Apprentice,” and marveled at how sharp she was despite being 81 years old. I didn’t really take them seriously when they talked about her being in an induced coma after some difficulty during a procedure. I just figured that she was tough and would pull through. She didn’t. Life is fragile. You are precious. Take care of you. 


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