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where has the year gone?

on September 17, 2013

I’ve recently found myself just overwhelmed with work.  (Housework as well as design work.)  We are coming up on Bruce’s first birthday and it has occurred to me how much is happening that is going undocumented because I just don’t have time to stop for a second and make a note of it.  For example, Gran found his first teeth a week before her wedding, on 4/20/13, but I don’t remember whether it was the top or the bottom that first appeared.  I believe it was the top.  I wonder if I wrote it down somewhere.  He’s getting so big, and I feel like I am missing it.

He eats everything now.  Now he has about 6 teeth, two lower and four on top.  We go to Chipotle about once a week and he gets his own cheese quesadilla.  He eats some of the rice and beans, too.  And holy crap, he went koo koo banana crackers for a bean burrito from Taco Bell on Saturday.  A couple of weeks ago, he started sucking through a straw.  I think that was a little bit before my birthday at the end of August.  He gives hilariously sweet kisses on demand.  He blows kisses using the back of his hand.  He loves to talk (although incoherent), and loves to laugh.  When we pull into the driveway and turn off the car, he says, “Uh! Uh!” in a way that is imitating Jasmine’s bark.  Speaking of Jasmine, he sneaks her food at every opportunity.  At his high chair, it’s basically, “one for me, and one for you.”  We are trying to get him to walk or at least stand by himself, but he can’t be bothered with it, and would rather get down and start crawling.  He kind of does this “Alligator Roll” when you do try to help him walk, in which he just spins and falls on the ground trying to get away from you.

Before I forget, Gran found the newest two teeth when we were in Charleston for Scott and Laura Baldino’s wedding.

I pulled Bruce’s blankets out of the dryer last night and threw them into the playpen, but mostly at his face.  He nuzzled them, started sucking on his ring and middle fingers and curled up.  He didn’t go to sleep, but he looked like he was certainly enjoying himself.

Some stuff still has yet to sink in.  I can’t believe he’s normal, healthy and that we have a long and bright future ahead of us as a family.  The time tables and notes about when he ate and how much for the first few months are still sitting on my bathroom sink.  Feels like yesterday we were feeding and pumping and up all nighting.  I miss the tinyness, but I love the personality that he has developed.  He’s pretty special.  I can’t believe we’re a year into this adventure.  I was looking at baby pictures of him, I mean BABY baby pictures.  I can’t believe how quickly he’s become a little boy.

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