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on August 30, 2013

I just watched a very depressing documentary. You’d think it would have been uplifting. It was about curing cancer with the Gerson Method. Something about the tone of the whole thing just bummed me out.

Anyway… they mentioned fillings and how toxic those silver fillings are. It got me thinking. I have fillings. They’re composite fillings, so they’re white. They match my teeth  and they’re not toxic like a mercury filling, but I still get a bad feeling when I think of them. They’re supposedly more expensive than a traditional filling, and that’s okay, because I think they’re safer. What bugs me is that I think my dentist was a little eager. I didn’t think to get a second opinion. He had the latest and greatest technology. He was super nice.

Similarly, Haley’s dentist told her she had cavities. She got scared. She didn’t have them filled and eventually found a new dentist who said that everything was perfectly fine. No cavities. No filling necessary. He said the previous diagnosis was bullcrap. Her fear defaulted to a second opinion. The first dentist she saw used some kind of density scanner something or other. Well hey, that’s what my dentist used…

Even writing this, I’m, like, so upset about it I think I just have to stop and hope you’re getting my drift.

How do I know for certain that my dentist wasn’t just trying to pay for his fancy new office? He also stuck that hook in my tooth, and it stuck, and he said, “that’s the way we used to check for cavities.” Is that confirmation of an actual cavity? Did he did holes in my teeth for no reason? Fillings aren’t going to last my lifetime, and theoretically, my originals may have, sans holes of course. So now I’m going to have to get new fillings every decade? Is that what’s happening?

Makes me sick.

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