That La Kid

wishin' an' hopin'!


on July 31, 2013

I’m sure I won’t feel the same way every single day of his life, but for today: I have the sweetest most awesome little boy in the whole wide world. Just wanted you all to know.

On a side note:

We returned to Once Upon A Child today. Remember them? Yeah. Well. I wrote one little email and whole world comes crashing down. They called Tom, because that’s the number they had. The corporate office emailed me. The store manager, Wendy, called me. We tried to call her back. Argh. It just wasn’t working out. We just weren’t getting in touch. My great uncle Hugh passed away, so we had to leave town for his funeral in Florida… It’s just been an intense few days!

We touched base today. Tom called the store this afternoon. Store manager Wendy was there, so we decided to stop by the store on our way to the Summer Shootout at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Maybe there’s something about people named Wendy, but she couldn’t have been sweeter. (I understand that my name is Wendy and I, in fact, wrote one less than sweet and very strongly worded letter, but generally I’m a nice gal, right?) She apologized profusely. I feel so bad. So bad.

Our old box, the one we brought in, was waiting for us with a sealed envelope that had our cash and a note inside. I didn’t open it until we got out to the car.


The store returned the items that were unacceptable for consignment and that had been donated. They also turned our store credit into cash. They ALSO gave us Baby Bucks that we can spend like cash in the store until 9/1. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited about that. Like I said in the beginning, I really wanted to love the place.


Yeah. Let’s just take a moment and let that one sink in.

Because I thought the service was bad, someone is looking for a new job.


I feel terrible about that. But I have to assume they know what they’re doing. I have to assume that they wouldn’t just take my word for it.

Judge Judy sometimes asks litigants, “Does she look crazy to you? Mrs. So-and-So looks like a perfectly sane woman to me with fully functioning mental capacity…” What she is implying is that the person doing accusing isn’t crazy. They wouldn’t just fabricate that story for personal gain. No one’s going to key their own car just to get someone else in trouble for it unless they’re crazy.

That was a lot of backstory, but my point is that I’m completely relatively sane! I feel HORRIBLE because someone was let go because of me, but a.) I don’t go around writing letters so that people lose their jobs and b.) it wasn’t because of me, really. It was because of them. Their behavior got them let go, not mine. Right? RIGHT?!

I guess I could have bought my own outfits back with the Baby Bucks. Then it’d be like I was ahead of the game by $12.75. I’m excited about the prospect of new-to-you outfits for Bruce. I really want to love the place.

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