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good day

on July 18, 2013

Bruce is napping, Judge Judy is on, and it’s a good day. 

Last night, we jogged and then when we got home Tom served me a hard-boiled farm fresh egg (after much research about how many eggs are okay) and kale-berry smoothie.  This morning, I woke up back on track with my weight.  I think we have to walk every day.  

We also had a good heart to heart on the walk breaks during the jog.  Tom said, “You know, I don’t care if I don’t lose one pound.  My blood pressure is going down, and that’s priceless.  The more we do this, the less chance of me having a heart attack.” 

He’s right. 

This morning, we found out a local consignment shop, Once Upon a Child (NEVER go there), are complete scoundrels.  I should have heeded the reviews that I saw when I checked in on Foursquare.  It’s not about, “oh, they don’t know what my stuff is worth.”  We were going to take the junk to Goodwill, but I figured what the heck.  Even if I come away with $5, that’s more than nothing.  Well, they didn’t bother calling to let us know that the buyer appraised the items.  So, I wrote a long letter to their corporate office, because that’s what I do.

Let me start off by saying that I really wanted to love your store.  I’d never been to a children’s consignment shop before.  My husband and I were hopeful and enthusiastic prior to entering our local One Upon a Child in Pineville, NC.  Then, this happened: 

It was our first time.  We walked into the shop at about 4:45 on Sunday with a box of items.  Excited but unsure, we are complete newbies with no idea about how this procedure works, except from what we read on the website,
  1. Bring in your gently used children’s clothing, toys and baby equipment. 
  2. While you check out the great kids stuff in the store, the buyer will review your items. 
  3. The buyer will select and make an offer on the items that meet current style, safety and condition standards, as well as store’s current stock levels.
  4. Once you accept the offer, you’ll be on your way with some extra money, some great new stuff for your kids, or both!
As we walked in, my husband carried a large box of items.  We were greeted with a shout, “Are you guys here to sell items?!”  I thought it was obvious, but my husband and I looked at each other then back at the character from which the abrasive greeting had boomed.  “Yes, if we can.”  He said.  She said that they stop accepting consignments an hour prior to close, but as a courtesy, since it’s our first time, she’d leave the items for the buyer to sort first thing the next morning.  We left our number and all other pertinent information and were hopeful for a call the next day.  
There was no call on Monday.  There was no call on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, either.  No offer was made.  Finally, we called them.  They said we have a store credit and the unusable items had been donated.  They said that we had to come back in, as they don’t do business over the phone.
Never, in any conversation, did anyone mention that we needed to return to the store.  I would have taken my stuff back out the door as quickly as we had come in and returned again when it was convenient.  My husband and I work, we couldn’t be there Monday morning.  
We told them that we were first time customers, why didn’t they mention that we had to return the next day?  WHY DIDN’T ANYONE MENTION THAT TO US?!  What am I supposed to do with a store credit?  The employees were so rude that I have no reason to return.  Let me clarify, independent of the confusion over the store policies and consignment procedures, the employees with which we had contact were short with us, abrupt, and generally unpleasant.  The others were just kind of milling around the store waiting for the clock to strike 5.  The place wasn’t welcoming and did not feel family friendly.  
I signed something, and regrettably it’s possible that it said, “You must return at 9 am tomorrow or else we own your stuff and your first born child,” and I don’t remember.  Your store policies and my inexperience do not excuse the offensive behavior or the employees.  
As I close, let me briefly mention another experience on the same day.  After we left Once Upon a Child, we continued our consignment adventure at shop called Mommy and Me, also in the Charlotte area.  Entering the shop, we were greeted with a friendly, “Hey, how are you?”  We were free to peruse the store, which was a trendy, cute boutique style consignment shop.  We made small talk with the lady at the register.  Turns out we love the same television show, but I digress.  She built a relationship with us in the 10 minutes that we shopped, and in the end, her consignment shop made $50 from us that day while Once Upon a Child made $0 (besides the items they purchased from us that will be sold to some other hapless victim).  She was overwhelmingly pleasant.  Did you catch that?  We were overwhelmed by how nice she was.  Blown away.  
We were also blown away by Once Upon a Child, but sadly it was for completely different reasons.  In this economy, and when it is so difficult to acquire and keep new customers, I can only hope that you’d be shocked and disappointed with the way the Pineville, NC store is being managed under the Once Upon a Child banner.  We may or may not return to spend our store credit, and will certainly tell friends to avoid the place like the plague.  I don’t really look forward to doing business with you, it’s just not worth it. 
Just thought you should know.  Thank you for your time. 
So, that already had me feeling empowered.  I’m like the queen of strongly-worded letters!
Then, I remembered that my Disney Photopass Photos expire today.  It’s $150 to order a cd of all the images.  But I found a Youtube video with instructions to download large (albeit low-res) files for free.  (
I love this picture so much, I may have to buy the digital download of this one.  It’s the kind of thing I’d have framed on my fireplace.  We all look good, and I LOVE that Mickey outfit but don’t have many pictures of Bruce in it. 
Weighed in again, and haven’t gained weight today.  Woot!  
We have a dinner date planned tonight with my Great Aunt Sara Beth, and probably my Dad’s cousin Will and his family as well.  Pretty fired up.  

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  1. Erin says:

    You are the queen of strongly-worded letters! Tell them who you are! I just tried consigning with the new Kid to Kid in Charlottesville. They were nice and corresponded by email – perfect for this introvert that doesn’t like to actually *talk* to people! They do have that 3 business days and your stuff gets donated policy too though.

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