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on July 10, 2013

I wonder how fast I could run a mile. My fastest time since I started this in June was 15:27 way back during the first week. Of course, I haven’t run just a mile since week 1, so all my times are split. I might be running a 15 min mile and a 20 min mile, but it only gives me the split time of 17:30. Hm. Something to mull over in the ol’ noggin.

On a related issue, I just had 2 giant glasses of water (which adds significant weight) after fries at the race and a sandwich from Jimmie Johns and a Dr. Pepper and a wog and stepped on the scale and I weigh the same as I did this morning. I am hoping to wake up 2 lbs. lighter. That has been the norm here at home where I have a little bit of control. Anyway, I’m amazed that I am not heavier after all that mealin’ out.

Then 2 lbs. lighter than that the next morning… and so on… et cetera… yada yada yada… suddenly I weigh 150 lbs.

Ran with Jasmine tonight which was nice. She was still tired from her big Fourth of July trip to the dog whisperer (scumbag) so the whole thing was really pleasant. Hopefully not fleeting, for a moment there I really enjoyed having a dog.

I was 2 lbs lighter when I woke up.

Two more pounds gone, so as of 7/11 I am 244.8. Going to try to never see 245 again and CERTAINLY never see 250 again! I was throwing up last night and didn’t run, so I’d be comfortably realistic to expect those 2 lbs. to return and an extra day for 242ish. But more importantly, I feel good. I want to remember that despite the weight loss, I feel better and I don’t want to go back to feeling lethargic with no self esteem. Would it be awesome to fit into a medium? Sure! But more importantly, I want my cells to be composed of green, elastic, healthy bits — not sugary, starchy, fatty cheese fries. I don’t want to ever get cancer. I hope that I remember this moment whenever I get discouraged. Numbers are immaterial. (Although healthy people don’t weight 243 lbs.) What matters is feeling good. Today, I feel awesome.

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