That La Kid

wishin' an' hopin'!


on June 26, 2013

I’m not saying anything. I’m just saying that it looks like I’m hovering around 235 this morning. I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t believe it was true.

Feeling less and less bloated every day. The Nutribullet and I are getting along really well. Kale every day this week. In an effort to “taste the rainbow” I’m throwing in whatever I can get my hands on: blueberries, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and mango so far. And I’m adding about a tablespoon of flax seeds because it’s trendy. Looks gross. Tastes good. Feels amazing.

The trick is forcing myself to eat. I get really excited when I see that I’m a certain weight and I know that after I eat that number will go up. I just want to keep looking at that number. Got to get past that. Ate yesterday, woke up today weighing less. So, there ya’ go.

We even ate out last night and I didn’t run or walk.

I will wog tonight.

I think if I can lose 100 lbs and keep it off for a year I am going to talk Tom into renewing our vows at Disney World. I think that’s an appropriate reward. My goal would be for that to happen in 2 years. It’s just something to think about. Tom said once that he’d never do that as it would diminish our original vows. The second time I brought it up he said, “Yeah, maybe.”

It’s not about the other ones not counting. It’s about a new life and not going back to the fat life.

You know… I think I may have I just talked myself out of it. Imagine the diamond or the vacation I could have for the cost of even a small wedding at WDW. ($8,000 I believe.) I could buy about half of the Disney Vacation Club points that I’ve dreamed of owning for the past 4 or 5 years.

As a side note, I’ve had ridiculous dreams lately. I didn’t write down the one that I had this morning, but it involved my dad’s cousin removing one of my teeth. I was freaking out. I think she was trying to do something in her own mouth. I volunteered to be her guinea pig and next thing i knew she was going for my filling but removing a whole tooth. I was kind of like, “I knew this would happen!” I think because Haley told me that her dentist said she had a cavity, then she got a second opinion that said the first one was bullcrap. Her first dentist sounds suspiciously like my old dentist who diagnosed me with cavities and gave me fillings. I have a lot of anxiety about the fillings lasting my whole life. I just know that they’re going to fall out and my teeth will be ruined.

Woke up this morning with my fist still clutched around my dream teeth. The whole thing may have something to do with watching “Skyfall” the other night.

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