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starting to assess the situation

on September 26, 2012

Omg, y’all… I’m gonna be, like, really bummed if I have an ugly baby.  Gosh, what if I don’t KNOW he’s ugly?  Everyone thinks their baby is the cutest…

I was not an adorable newborn.  It’s amazing Mom took me home at all.  I looked Asian, though.  So, that’s good since I’d like my son to look more like Tom.  Tom’s Asian.  I looked Asian.  Hopefully baby will look Asian.  This has got me swooning for the moment:

This one, although Asian, looks like Lindsay to me:

It’s tough to find ugly Asian babies, I’ll admit.  But they’re out there…


2 responses to “starting to assess the situation

  1. Mom! says:

    You were BEAUTIFUL!!!! I didn’t need anything else in the world when I brought you home. I remember thinking… “I’ve got everything I need!!!” : )

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