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i’ll take your 2 cents now.

on September 12, 2012

Alright… my washing machine just will not stop irritating me. I washed some baby clothes in the Ainsworth St. house (Gramma’s machine), and when I was folding them I was like, “dang – they smell so good.”  Washed new baby clothes today in the machine that came with Balenie Trace house and they either smell like nothing or they still smell new, like the store – you know… like they weren’t washed at all.  I just did the side by side comparison.  The older stuff still smells amazing.  Same fragrance/dye-free gentle detergent…  Who buys a KitchenAid washing machine…  Honestly…

How can I be sure that they’re getting cleaned at all?  Should I throw in more detergent?  Gramma’s machine used more detergent, but the KitchenAid Katastrophe is supposed to be more efficient, and it was a small load so I didn’t think I needed much detergent.  I filled the cap up to the line it told me to.  Should I put in a little of the regular detergent to make it smell nice?  Won’t that defeat the purpose of buying this Gentle/Free crap for baby’s sensitive skin?

We put the washer on the home warranty.  Should I get someone to come look at it?  Every other wash cycle it gives us some kooky error code.  But then runs fine, so I’m sure if someone comes out to look at it, we’ll give them $100 to tell us that it runs fine.  Should I just get rid of it and get a new-to-me one off of craigslist?  (Couldn’t be any worse than this one, right?)  Should I just make my Dad bring Gramma’s machine up to the laundry room?  I freakin’ love that thing.  They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.  I liked the idea of this bigger, front load guy so I can wash cloth diapers guilt-free.  I’m scared I’ll mess up Gramma’s machine with a load of thick, heavy, germy diapers every day.

Then again, it’s not doing anyone any good out in the garage.

What are your thoughts?

6 responses to “i’ll take your 2 cents now.

  1. kayce says:

    I can’t speak to if the machine is washing properly/running like it should, but I can say that I only use free detergent because the scented kind gives me migraines. My clothes don’t smell like anything. They don’t smell dirty anymore. No BO or stains or anything, so they are definitely clean, they just don’t smell like anything really, just fabric.

  2. Mom! says:

    I have no idea! If you love Gramma’s then maybe you should make the switch but I’m thinking maybe wait and see how the diaper, lots of baby clothes, blankets, etc. works out. Gramma’s is small capacity and your washload size is about to change drastically. You’ll be thinking “how can one little tiny adorable baby cause all this?” So, I guess I would suggest waiting a couple of months to see how it goes once you have your wee one. Maybe use a little more detergent than suggested and some Snuggle or something in exchange for your more environmentally friendly washing machine. Although, you could also check to see what you can find out about the washer and it’s codes it is displaying online, or write them down when you see them so you can tell repair person what they say if you go that route. Or, buy one on Craigslist and sell that one the same way! I don’t think you will be happy with your KitchenAid.

  3. Mikael says:

    I say move grammy’s washer into your laundry room at the new house. If the new washer is under warranty, tho, you might want to get all those error codes fixed. You could always sell your washer & use Grammy’s until it breaks.

    • Mikael says:

      I didn’t realize Grammy’s was a smaller capacity. Sell the Kitchenaid one on CL (don’t need to fix it I you’re selling it) & start looking for washer/dryer sales.

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