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why do we have so much junk?

on September 5, 2012


I have a bunch of cookie jars.  I don’t collect cookie jars.  Please don’t buy me a cookie jar.

I have a bunch of stuffed animals.  I don’t collect stuffed animals, ether.  Please don’t buy me stuffed animals.

I have a bunch of dolls.  I don’t really collect dolls, they just kind of collect me.  I mean Madame Alexander and American Girl dolls.  You know, I actually have a bunch of Barbie dolls, too, but I am only hanging onto them because I am delusional enough to assume that not only will I have a daughter someday, but also that she will not acquire enough Barbies of her own and will want mine, used, from 20 years ago.

Why do we have so much junk?  Tom doesn’t have much of anything.  It’s mostly me.

I DO collect Disney art, and Disney Vinylmations, and Disney books.  I probably shouldn’t, but I do.  My Great Aunt Sara Beth looked at me once and said, “You are a collector!”  She says “collector,” but our generation is more familiar with the term “hoarder.”

I definitely hoard art and books.  Oh my goodness, they’re all over the freakin’ place.  I keep finding box after box of art work and books.  Most of the art is BIG, too.  Where am I going to hang all this stuff…

Why do we have so much junk?!

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