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maybe tomorrow

on August 23, 2012

I was hoping that as people started getting home from work they’d be all, “Wow!  Wendy!  I just got my invitation in the mail!”  And… maybe the invites haven’t shown up, or maybe they’re not THAT incredible.  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.  Maybe.  A couple of them weren’t mailed out until today.

Our neighbors around here are so nice.  They just are.  We had nice neighbors at the old place, too.  Oh!  Speaking of the old place, we are getting our full deposit back.  Woot!  Tom met to do a walk-through of the property with a guy from the new rental company (in April, they switched from this realtor that we really liked to some company that is ridiculously awful) the other day.  The guy used words like, “dream tenant.”  I only wish they had been that appreciative while we actually lived there.  You’d think that someone would want to keep a “dream tenant” in the place for as long as possible, even if that is on a month to month basis.  We worked really hard.  The house was immaculate.  I’m very proud of the job that we did.  Tom was mowing the lawn (he has to do it all the time because our neighbor is meticulous) and the neighbor (meticulous guy) brought over his leaf blower and blew the grass off of the driveway.  I feel bad that we’re not more social.  I feel bad that I’M not more social.  Day one, the lady across the street brought us brownies.  We spent three weeks at the other house packing up, and now that we’re all moved in I have to unpack.  There’s just not much time for socializing.

Unless you count facebook.


They’re showing up in C’ville!

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