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is this normal?

on August 16, 2012

Are hot flashes normal during pregnancy?  I guess I could Google it.  I just wanted to know what y’all have experienced. 

I hate that the answer to everything is, “well, your hormones are just going berserk right now…”

I wonder if it has anything to do with my body producing exorbitant amount of testosterone for this little dragon.  I think I want to get that tested.  The testosterone, I mean.  His junk looked huge for baby junk on the ultrasound.  Is that normal?  Could that have to do with testosterone levels?  Or is he… just… well… is it just in the genes?

One response to “is this normal?

  1. Mom! says:

    I’m chatting with my office mate who just had a baby and she said definitely it’s the testosterone from little dragon causing your commotion! You didn’t mention your nose and voice in this writing, but she said when she had her boy, her nose spread all over her face! It’s now back to normal. Thought you’d appreciate hearing that.

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