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even more design!

on July 20, 2012

We’re making progress on Lil’ Happy’s post-uterine habitat.  We could just buy a normal dresser for about $200… but since when have we been normal?  We went to Ikea tonight and each had a quarter of a roasted chicken for $3, then perused the children’s department so I could show Tom what I’ve been thinking about.

Together, we created this:


I think this might be overkill for a nursery, a baby doesn’t need all that, but there’s no sense in redoing it for a little kid in 2-3 years.  We might as well set it up now, right?

The piece in the center is that toy chest/bench/desk that I’ve been talking about since, well, forever.

I also love, love, LOVE this idea that I saw on Pinterest.  I LOVE children’s books!  We have a whole bookshelf full, and this way I can display the covers of my favorites.  And wouldn’t you know it… these shelves are Ikea!


Designing for our little guy is already a challenge… just because it’s not what I’ve had in mind all this time.  I need to take the quilt into the store and make sure I love it with the lime green – jury’s still out on that.  If I hate it, green can easily be replaced with blue:


or birch!


The green is obviously my favorite, and it works with the under-crib storage that I love so much, and I like it with red.

I can’t wait to see it all come together.  Part of me thinks I should just keep it a secret until it’s all put together and awesome… but I’m assuming that you, like Tom, can’t grasp my final vision.  So, you’ll still be happily surprised to see it all come together AND I can do something with this excess nesting energy, since I can’t actually nest yet.

One response to “even more design!

  1. Erin says:

    Looks awesome! I actually used those Ikea spice racks for bookshelves idea that is all over Pinterest. They spraypaint pretty easily so you could make those is varying colors too.They may be a bit smaller than these those though. l would love to have Ikea close by when nursery designing – lucky girl!.

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