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on May 16, 2012

I had a dream last night that I’d just had the baby – which was beautiful, but a white baby, not remotely Asian – and I’d slept through delivery.  My doctor, Dr. Phil, was still hanging around.  He offered to help me to the bathroom saying, “if a nurse can do it, I can do it.”  I had only been in the hospital a couple of hours, so Tom wasn’t there yet.  

We had violent, violent thunderstorms here overnight.  I’ve never heard anything so incredible.  I thought the house may come down on top of us.  It was CRAZY!  Super loud.  

So, yesterday the doorbell rang.  And they knocked a pretty friendly knock right after, like “Shave and a Haircut.”  I have a tendency to just ignore it, but I was curious so I got up from the couch and walked over to the door and looked super-quietly through the peep hole.  Jasmine was barking really loud and deep.  I saw a lady in scrubs heading back to her car.  She was almost at the car by the time I got to the door, so she didn’t hesitate, or wait at the door at all.  In the same amount of time it took me to cross the room, she had just about crossed the yard.  I figured she was leaving flyers.  They drove away.  Tom got home from work about two hours later and the neighbors across the street said people were walking around and around our house.  One of the boys saw the unfamiliar car parked outside and watched two husky black ladies, one in scrubs, coming out from our backyard.  He told his mom.  She came out and  just stood in her driveway, arms crossed, and when she saw them she said “Hello,” and they went back to their car and just sat there.  The little boy said he watched them get in and out of their car like 5 times.  

So, today I’m terrified, but totally ready to play the part of the crazy recluse and answer the door with a sword in my hand.  Fortunately, we have plans to be at home for the next several weeks so we can keep an eye on things.  

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