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holy great bargain, batman!

I found a great deal on All-In-Two (I think) cloth diapers on Totsy today.

Mom said that I should try out the cloth diapers and see how I feel about them.  I totally agree.  100%.  But part of me also thinks I should buy two-dozen right now because it’s such an incredible deal.

So, I compromised.  I bought 7 diapers and 6 extra liners (I’m hoping the 7 that I bought actually come with liners in them, but just in case they try to screw me, I have a back up plan.  Plus, I hear extra liners are good for overnight.)  The total retail price is about $100.  Cheap by cloth diapering standards.  These retail for $12.95 a piece, whereas the BumGenius AIOs (All-In-Ones) on my registry are about $20 a piece.  Of course, Totsy is a sale website.  They don’t sell at retail price.  So, the diapers are $8.75 a piece, with the exception of white and off white which are only $7.50!  (I spent the extra $1.25 for colors because they are so damn cute.  In hindsight, I should have just stocked up on white/off white.  It’s not like the kid’s not going to be wearing clothes over these adorable bright colors.  And either way it’s a poop sack.)

SO… the order subtotal is $77.25.

Because I have about 30 different email addresses, I signed up for Totsy and sent myself an invitation.  Once my second account made a purchase, the account that sent the invitation had a $15 credit.  Woot!  That took my diaper purchase from $77 to $62.  Sweet!

I never buy anything online without first visiting and searching for coupons.  Wouldn’t you know it!  Found a coupon for $15 off a $60 purchase at Totsy using coupon code VIPMOM.  That’ll cover shipping and take my grand total down to $55.   Schweeeeeeet!

Just thought I’d spell out that whole procedure in case some future aunt or grandma would like to grab a couple as shower gifts or something.  They’re not as cute (or as high quality) as a BumGenius AIO, but they’re also less than half the price.  We all know that I’m all about the Benjamins.  (I guess if YOU buy them, I’m not spending the money anyway – so feel free to splurge on the diapers on my registry.)

If you sign up through, I think you get free shipping and I will get a $15 credit once your stuff ships.  (At that point it’ll be too late to buy more diapers, but there’s always some awesome deal over there.)  Don’t forget, promo code VIPMOM!

This whole thing has fired me up about the cloth diapers!

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ten weeks, schmen weeks

Ten weeks.  Doesn’t feel real.  I don’t really notice that prune-sized thing in there.  Feels like we still have FOREVER to go and no time has really passed.

Well, by the time we pass 10 weeks again – no big deal, right? – we’ll be dealing with this:


Personally, I cannot wait until week 37 or so… officially replacing the other watermelon.

It’s the principal of the thing.


Although for the record… no baby will best Mr. Nasty in size.

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bad dreams

As of tomorrow, we’ll be 10 weeks pregnant.  Geez, that really doesn’t feel like a lot of weeks.  It’s interesting, because the last time I went this long without a period (September ’11), we scheduled a doctor’s appointment to officially confirm pregnancy and while I waited for Tom to come home from work and take me to the appointment, George showed up.

I remember thinking, “is this what a miscarriage feels like?”  It didn’t feel like much of anything, just overwhelming sadness at losing the fantasy I had created in my mind.  I laid on the couch with my legs up on the back cushions and just prayed and prayed for God to not take this away from me.

I know, right?  Pathetic.  Take what from you?  Your hysterical pregnancy?  Your delirium?  YOUR GARGANTUAN CYST?!  In hindsight, I was like a teenager who thinks her parents don’t know anything.  God’s been around the block – he knows what he’s doing.  I was NOT pregnant… but something needed to be done about that watermelon, Mr. Nasty Potroast McGrosserton.

Fast forward to last night.

I had a dream that I was bleeding.  My reaction was just, “Oh, wonderful.  Here we go again.”  Why would I expect otherwise?  Why did I think it would actually work out this time?  In the dream, Dad and I were driving north on 29 through Ruckersville, and I remember debating whether or not to tell him what was happening.  I was debating on whether or not to go to a doctor.  It didn’t feel like I was losing a baby, it just felt like I had been wrong all along.

Then I woke up.

I was devastated.  Because in THIS universe, I DO have a positive pregnancy test.  In this world, a doctor told me, “Congratulations!”  So for a second there, my dream overlapped with real life.  For a second, I thought I lost a baby that I often forget I really am carrying.

I looked around the room and saw prenatal vitamins on the nightstand.  The positive EPT is still on the bathroom counter.  Wait.  What?  Where am I?  I’m at home.  Period?  No.  Baby?  Yes!

Weeeeird, huh?  Kind of an eerie anniversary.  It’s almost like, “Remember?  Last time you only made it this far.”  This time we’re going all the way.


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babies at disney world

So… Dad’s booking a cruise, or at least he’s talking about booking a cruise in January 2013 for the family.  Wow.  I’ll have a baby by then!  I said, “Sure, Dad.  Sounds good.  We can put the baby in Flounder’s Reef while we do stuff.”  And he said, “Yeah, but you’re not going to want to do that.”

I guess he knows a lot more about parenting than I do.  I guess.  I don’t see myself wanting to sit in an auditorium or even on the beach with a crying baby.

I have no real desire to take an infant to Disney World.  I feel like it’ll be more of a necessary evil when it happens (and I know it will happen).  We’ll be going, no sitter… we’ll have to take it.  Tom and I are thinking 4 is a good age for a kid to wrap their brain around the stuff they’re seeing.  Although, I went when I was 3 and that panned out pretty well.

Just out of curiosity, I started following a blog about Disney with Babies (why not – everything I do is Disney… might as well see what the people are saying about Disney with babies).  I read a post today that kind of shocked me a little bit.  I’ll go as far as to say that I found it disturbing.

Here it is.  Give it a once over.

UM, HELLO?  Am I the only one who finds using the Carousel of Progress as a changing station disgusting?  I can hear the Cast Member now, “For the comfort of those around you, please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, flash photography, video recordings of any kind, and oh yeah, NO CHANGING DIAPERS IN HERE.”

She also mentions Haunted Mansion as a good place for nursing.  Really?  Really.  I guess it is dark, and people may not be looking at you in your doom buggy but it’s hardly private.  I don’t get why all these women are all about whipping out their breast in the middle of the park.  It’s nature.  It’s the way it’s supposed to be.  I get it.  I just don’t like the kind of push, you know?  Like, as if they’re not just feeding their kid, they MUST prove a point.  (I can picture it now, as we all gather around Madame Leota… I look across the seance table and you’ve created an awkward turtle for the whole room.)  Anyway.  No, I don’t expect to feed my baby in the bathroom, that’s crazy, but there’s no eating or drinking on the rides for the rest of us, sooo…

Like I said, I don’t have a kid yet.  I don’t understand.  I don’t understand why you think I want to smell your kids’ poop or be distracted by what’s going on over there around you.  It’s a show, not a rest room. Sit quietly in your seat and enjoy the show – and let me enjoy it, too!

I don’t understand it when the person in front of me in the Kilimanjaro Safari line is told to bring his stroller into the stroller parking lot, collect his kid and jump back in line, and the guy slings a swear word at my dad when Dad says, “Excuse me,” because the guy’s trying to unload his camera/diaper bag/child right there in the middle of the line.  Could Dad be more patient?  Sure.  But Disney has a system.  They’ve got it all figured out and they’re very nice about it.  “Please sir, if you’ll just step out of line and park your stroller, then you can hop right back in.”  No.  I’m just going to stand right here and make all these people wait for me and my family.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DUDE?  How can people be SO inconsiderate?!

What?  You think I am being inconsiderate of you and your baby?  It pisses me off that people think this stuff is okay.  (And apparently they think enough of themselves to instruct others to follow in their footsteps.)  It makes me mad that they think blocking traffic, and changing diapers in the middle of the line for Soarin’ (true life) is a cool thing to do.  My parents did the stroller thing.  You know what?  They moved out of the way of traffic when they were told to, they changed us in the restroom, and they nursed us in privacy.  Now that the kids are adults, we’re free to roam the theme parks without the inconvenience of a baby – especially YOUR baby.  When I have this kid, I will not be whipping my boob out on any theme park attraction.


one more disney day

Just got back from our One More Disney Day trip, which really WAS one more getaway, one last getaway for us before we can’t get away so easily anymore.  Does that blow your mind like it blows mine?  With each mile that brought us closer to Charlotte last night, this whole being parents thing got more real.  Haley and Sunny just got to Florida for spring break.  My mom and her sisters went to Disney World last spring, and Trudy and Dee Dee are headed back to join the “kids” (who are now 20, 21, and 26) at the end of this week.  I’m jealous.  Not just because I know they’ll have amazing times and inside jokes (party of one) that I won’t understand, but because this time next year I’ll have a 4 or 5 month old infant to worry about.

I constantly catch myself thinking off all the things that I won’t be doing and it makes me mad.  Mad that I am focusing on that stuff and forgetting to think about the important stuff.

There are some awesome things coming my way.  Showers, and attention and oh yeah – TOM AND I MADE A PERSON!!!!

It kind of reminds me of a conversation that I had with Mom before we knew I was pregnant.  I asked if she’s come to Florida in December if we got knocked up.  She said, “why?”  And I told her so she could babysit.  She said she could just do that at home in Virginia.  I said, “Well, that’s no fun.  We’ll be in Disney World…” and she said something like, “Yeah, but I’ll have a BABY!”

So, there’s that.

We had a really meaningful and heartfelt conversation in Florida.  I told Tom that I am so in love with the part of this thing that is him.  He said he felt the same way about the part of it that’s me.  It was this big gross love-fest that left us both in tears.  Good times.

Man, oh man!  Did we ever go nuts on this trip!  Whatever I wanted, it was “sure, babe.”  “Of course.”  “Anything for you!”  It turned into a joke.  We went camping to save money, but spent so much that it just turned into, “Sure.  Why not?  We’ve spent this much… what difference will it make?”

It was a much slower trip than usual.  I gave Space Mountain and Splash Mountain a shot, but after that I didn’t press my luck with Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Star Tours, Mission Space, Test Track, Dinosaur, or Primeval Whirl.  We actually tried to get on Dinosaur, but folks were flooding out through the entrance; so we’re thinking the ride was down.  Aaaaanyway…

We spent Tuesday night, the 28th, through Friday night at Fort Wilderness… camping.  What do you think of when you think camping?  S’mores, right?  Campfires?  Sitting around in camping chairs?  Yeah, me too.  I also think of people.  Dad.  Camping for 2 was weird.  Quiet.  Lonely.  Of course, I wanted to be in the theme parks as much as possible, and it was 90 degrees outside.  So, sadly, we were only back at the tent overnight.

I saw a forecast for rain over the weekend, so I put in a call to Dad to see if he could find anything with DVC for us for our last night.  I think either way, we weren’t going to camp in the rain.  I really didn’t want to try to pack up a wet tent, so it was either DVC or International Drive.  Fortunately, Popa Glenn came through for us in a big way.  We had a great room on the top floor of The Grandstands at Saratoga Springs.  We were right by the elevator and had a beautiful water/golf course view.  AND we were across the parking lot from a very open-’til-midnight and not-crowded-at-all pool.  Color me excited.

I had an epiphany on Saturday night.  Maybe I’m not a themeparksthemeparksthemeparks person anymore.  Maybe I’m a, “Dang, this resort is nice!” girl.  We had a really good time at Saratoga Springs.  We got into our room at 11, returned the tent to WalMart and went to Animal Kingdom.  It was crowded and there’s a disclaimer beside almost every ride that says, “Expectant Mothers Should Not Ride.”  So we saw, “It’s Tough to be a Bug” and went back to the hotel.  I slept (hey, pregnant!) and Tom went to Walmart and bought me a bathing suit.  (I told you, “Sure, babe!  Anything for you!”)  We went swimming for a couple of hours and then prince handsome-pants and I went to the food court and brought flatbreads, sandwiches, and salads back to our room.

The next morning, he brought me breakfast in bed.  We packed, rode a bus Downtown and waited for MY SISTERS!!!!! and Sunny Michelle to come have lunch with us!!!!!!   We’d had a back and forth with Lindsay all week about her coming up or us going down to Vero.  Finally, on Sunday morning we got a text from her that said, “Alright, I’m coming.  We’re going to have lunch at Turf Club and I can’t stay long but I’m coming because I love you!”  That was special.  That was a big huge hairy deal.

I feel old.  You know?  When I was 10 and my parents were in their mid-30s, they let Lindsay and I go to the theme parks on our own.  I didn’t understand until last Saturday night how they could do something like that.  The resorts are nice, too.  And you pay good money for the privilege of sleeping there – you might as well take advantage of the pools, activities and atmosphere.  It felt like a real vacation.  People always ask me why we just go to Disney World and never do anything else.  My answer has always been, “Soarin’, Splash Mountain, Dinosaur, Illuminations, Wishes, Fantasmic…” but now I feel like I can also say it’s because I love the resorts.  When I think about it, a lot of my favorite memories have nothing to do with the parks.  Every year we celebrate our anniversary at California Grill at the Contemporary Resort.  Last December we had Artists’ Pointe delivered to our room and Tom wheeled me down to watch the Electrical Water Pageant.  Tom, Reggie and I got in the hot tub in our underwear when we were in college.  One day last week, Tom and I sauntered around Fort Wilderness, saw a bunch of horses, and had lunch at Trail’s End.

It was such a good trip!!!  We closed the Newlywed chapter of our lives.  And now… we start writing that parenthood part…

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