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i hate those dreams

on March 22, 2012

Have you ever had that dream where you just can’t find a bathroom?  Or once you find it, you can’t get any privacy?

Last night, I was at Olive Garden with Mom, Dad, Dee Dee and Trudy.  Mom, Dee Dee, Trudy and I all got up to go to the bathroom after we ordered.  My stall didn’t have a door on it.  People kept coming in and I was afraid to get up.  (I forgot a little bit about bathroom attempt number 1 after I woke up.)

I went to the Capitol in a wheelchair to try and find a better bathroom.  I found really nice bathrooms, and settled on a toilet that was one of four in a big open area.  At one point, a shower across from me turned on and started spraying water in my face.  I yelled for somebody, anybody, to come turn off the water.   A little boy came and turned it off.  Men kept coming in the Ladies’ Room.  Every time I thought I was safe, a new group of men would walk in and I’d yell, “This is the girls’ bathroom!!  WTF!!”  There was a little girl playing with a race car at the entrance, so they thought naturally that it was a little boy and that this was the Mens’ Room.

I went back to Olive Garden to try my luck again there.  Mom, Dee Dee and Trudy all came back in to check on me.  I thought that I was in a stall, but my stall had no door or walls.  I looked at Trudy and Dee Dee and said, “so you can see me?  Everything?”  Trudy said, “Uhhhh, yeah!”  Some cleaning lady asked if I was through so she could clean, but Mom sent her away.  Before I know it, Mom’s rolling out tp for me, while some guy watches again.  I ran to another stall, not only was I in this awkward “I’ve been trying to poop for 4 hours” mode, but I was also running around the bathroom naked, dodging cleaning ladies left and right.

Eventually I was rescued from my torture by waking up.  SO RELIEVED – psychologically and physically.  I didn’t even have to go – which is usually the case with those dreams, especially for a pregnant lady.  I HATE those dreams.

3 responses to “i hate those dreams

  1. Haley Nickel says:


    What in the WORLD goes on in your head? That sounds miserable! You should’ve just gone in your chair in the Olive Garden, that sounds less public than the bathroom!

  2. Haley Nickel says:

    Mom and I both had dreams last night. Hers was about Larry & Debby. Mine was going to Outback with her and pregnant you and we both rubbed your belly and then ate delicious cheese fries and bread. I like my dream best. No bathroom trips involved.

  3. Erin says:

    HA! I had very similar pregnant dreams. There was always something wrong with the door or it was some open room and I was always forgetting some piece of clothing that left me exposed. I’m sure there’s a psyciatric explaination. I’m glad I’m not the only weirdo! It was either that one or the one where I forgot to go to some class all semester and now I have to take an exam.

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