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babies at disney world

on March 12, 2012

So… Dad’s booking a cruise, or at least he’s talking about booking a cruise in January 2013 for the family.  Wow.  I’ll have a baby by then!  I said, “Sure, Dad.  Sounds good.  We can put the baby in Flounder’s Reef while we do stuff.”  And he said, “Yeah, but you’re not going to want to do that.”

I guess he knows a lot more about parenting than I do.  I guess.  I don’t see myself wanting to sit in an auditorium or even on the beach with a crying baby.

I have no real desire to take an infant to Disney World.  I feel like it’ll be more of a necessary evil when it happens (and I know it will happen).  We’ll be going, no sitter… we’ll have to take it.  Tom and I are thinking 4 is a good age for a kid to wrap their brain around the stuff they’re seeing.  Although, I went when I was 3 and that panned out pretty well.

Just out of curiosity, I started following a blog about Disney with Babies (why not – everything I do is Disney… might as well see what the people are saying about Disney with babies).  I read a post today that kind of shocked me a little bit.  I’ll go as far as to say that I found it disturbing.

Here it is.  Give it a once over.

UM, HELLO?  Am I the only one who finds using the Carousel of Progress as a changing station disgusting?  I can hear the Cast Member now, “For the comfort of those around you, please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, flash photography, video recordings of any kind, and oh yeah, NO CHANGING DIAPERS IN HERE.”

She also mentions Haunted Mansion as a good place for nursing.  Really?  Really.  I guess it is dark, and people may not be looking at you in your doom buggy but it’s hardly private.  I don’t get why all these women are all about whipping out their breast in the middle of the park.  It’s nature.  It’s the way it’s supposed to be.  I get it.  I just don’t like the kind of push, you know?  Like, as if they’re not just feeding their kid, they MUST prove a point.  (I can picture it now, as we all gather around Madame Leota… I look across the seance table and you’ve created an awkward turtle for the whole room.)  Anyway.  No, I don’t expect to feed my baby in the bathroom, that’s crazy, but there’s no eating or drinking on the rides for the rest of us, sooo…

Like I said, I don’t have a kid yet.  I don’t understand.  I don’t understand why you think I want to smell your kids’ poop or be distracted by what’s going on over there around you.  It’s a show, not a rest room. Sit quietly in your seat and enjoy the show – and let me enjoy it, too!

I don’t understand it when the person in front of me in the Kilimanjaro Safari line is told to bring his stroller into the stroller parking lot, collect his kid and jump back in line, and the guy slings a swear word at my dad when Dad says, “Excuse me,” because the guy’s trying to unload his camera/diaper bag/child right there in the middle of the line.  Could Dad be more patient?  Sure.  But Disney has a system.  They’ve got it all figured out and they’re very nice about it.  “Please sir, if you’ll just step out of line and park your stroller, then you can hop right back in.”  No.  I’m just going to stand right here and make all these people wait for me and my family.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DUDE?  How can people be SO inconsiderate?!

What?  You think I am being inconsiderate of you and your baby?  It pisses me off that people think this stuff is okay.  (And apparently they think enough of themselves to instruct others to follow in their footsteps.)  It makes me mad that they think blocking traffic, and changing diapers in the middle of the line for Soarin’ (true life) is a cool thing to do.  My parents did the stroller thing.  You know what?  They moved out of the way of traffic when they were told to, they changed us in the restroom, and they nursed us in privacy.  Now that the kids are adults, we’re free to roam the theme parks without the inconvenience of a baby – especially YOUR baby.  When I have this kid, I will not be whipping my boob out on any theme park attraction.

2 responses to “babies at disney world

  1. Wendy J. La says:

    THAT REMINDS ME! The last time we went, the holding area for the ferry from the parking lot to the Magic Kingdom was completely packed, but the people in front of me felt it was appropriate to change their kid right there in front of everybody anyway. Better yet, the stranger standing next to them seemed to be implying that the best course of action was to throw the diaper into the Seven Seas Lagoon. He said, “Fish gotta eat, too!” over and over again… No. The fish don’t “gotta eat” a diaper full of poop.

  2. Haley Nickel says:

    EW. That is gross. Diapers are terrible for the environment, especially stupid chemical filled ones with your babies poop. No one wants that. Especially not fish. Also, I agree with all the stuff about changing babies on rides. So gross. I will take your kid to the bathroom and change it while you ride Carousel of Progress if it is THAT much of an emergency. Like, seriously?

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