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Mr. Nasty Epilogue

on January 10, 2012

Okay, a couple of things that deserve mentioning:

Dr. Stadler said that the pain was from a blood clot in my fallopian tube which had twisted and twisted around and around until it was super thick and gross.  How a watermelon spins around like that, I’m sure I will never know.  She said I was one tough cookie, and that to remove the cyst, she had to put her arms inside me about up to her elbows.  They took Mr. Nasty out in one piece.

Had the whole right ovary removed.  It was wrecked, there was no saving it – so now I’m down to one.  But it should work double-time according to the doc, and not decrease my ability to get preggers.  Stadler said the other one looked pristine.  So, I’d like to get pregnant NOW before it has a chance to get a cyst on it.

Uh, before the doctor in Charlotte prescribed the stuff to make me have me period, she had to feel my ovaries to make sure they weren’t swollen.  That was September.  The laparotomy was in November.  I’d sure like to know what she was feeling that she thought was a regular-sized ovary.

Mom and Haley didn’t feel too good after Guadalajara on Black Friday either.  My theory is that the food wasn’t too great, and my body was, like, in shock – wigging out.  You know how when you have a concussion you throw up?

Went to the doctor on Monday after surgery to get the staples out – the nurse over there was still a dick.  I got up to go back to the exam room and was like, can I bring my mom… and the b*tch said, “no.”  When I got into the exam room, she said, “Did they give you anything at the hospital?”
I said, “Uhhmmm…”  They had given me a bunch of stuff.  Paperwork, prescriptions, wipes, cream, gauze, socks… how did i know what she wanted.
“To remove the staples,” she said, “Where did you think you were coming today?”
“Wait.  What are you saying I was supposed to have?”  I stopped that conversation dead in it’s tracks.  Where did you think you were coming today?!  WTF.
“A staple remover.”
“No.  The hospital did not give me a staple remover.”  WHY WOULD THEY.
“Okay, I’ll have to see what we have around here.”  Yeah, you do that… see what you have lying around, the hospital did not give me an instrument to take out my own staples.

I was at higher risk for infection, so we asked everyone to pray for no infection, and guess what – it didn’t get infected.  Maybe coincidence, but I’m going to believe it was God anyway.

While we’re on this spiritual note, Tuesday night I saw a lady in a pink dress – well, actually the whole lady was pink.  Mauve.  She glowed, like, a pink outline, but I could see through her.  The mauve made me immediately associate her with Gramma Mildred, but she was small in stature like Maw Maw.  She had on a flowered straw hat, and was facing the chair where my mom sat, with her back to me and her hand on my stomach… then she was gone.  Maybe I dreamed it.  Maybe I did not.

My whole family agrees things could not have happened better.  Obviously the doctors here in Charlotte can’t be trusted…  Dr. Stadler is INCREDIBLE.  She’s really great at what she does.  That cannot be overstated.

Best Doc + Mom & Dad + Hometown + New Hospital = Absolute Best Case Scenario.

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