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stop taunting me

on September 30, 2011

I went back to the doctor on Tuesday.  I waited for, like, an hour and a half to see the doc.  We got there around 6pm, didn’t see her until, what was it… like, 7:30.  She apologized, but I just kind of shrugged, “it happens.”  What sucks is that I don’t think she remembered me.  The computers were acting up, so I had to do some paperwork on Tuesday that I had done a month ago.

They kept asking me when my last period was… and I mean… how could anyone forget the crying?  Dooooooohyeeee… My period STARTED the last time I was in this office.  Remember?  We scheduled this appt. bc you couldn’t do the pap bc of George?  Right?  Anything?

I wish I was brave.  Wish I had said that.

Doc also kept naming drugs that she prescribed.  She said, “you took the such-and-such?  One pill?”  “Oh, no – it was for, like, 5 days.”  “But one pill?”  “Yes?”  I don’t expect the doctor to remember everything, but some of it would have been nice.  “And you’re taking the whatever-the-other-is-called?”  “Yeah.”  “We’ll have to see you in about 3 weeks to see if that’s working.”

So, the latter drug, I know, is snthyroid.  I wonder if I’m fat bc of my thyroid or if my thyroid is wonky because I’m fat.  Hmm.

Shit, I forgot to take the thyroid one today.

The main reason I jumped on here was because I think it’s hilarious that THIS BABY IS TAUNTING ME.

It’s on every page that I visit.  Bummer.  Hilarious.  Adorable.  But also a bummer.

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